How Many Tinder Matches Is Normal To Have At Once? Women Got Real About Their Numbers


In college, a friend invited me to a party at her apartment to celebrate hitting 1,000 matches on Tinder. Like the true queen she is, she had also invited dozens or maybe even hundreds of her matches, just to see what happened. For the record, I don't think any of them actually made it to the party... but I really wish they did, just because that would have been an incredible sight to behold. It obviously takes hours (years?) of dedication to hit one thousand matches, but do you know how many Tinder matches is normal to have at once?

I asked 13 women to reveal how many matches they currently have on various dating apps, and their results were pretty mindblowing. A lot of people have racked up a thousand or more matches.

By comparison, I think my grandma briefly considered marrying two or three high school classmates before she laid eyes on the fourth man she ever saw — my grandpa — and married him.

I mean, can you imagine telling a person in the 1950s that their grandkids could have more than one thousand suitors in their pocket at any given time? That's a heck of a lot of sock hops.

Anyway, I don't think it's necessarily good or bad to have a certain number of matches. Maybe you swipe through 30,000 people and meet the love of your life in the checkout line at CVS. Or maybe you respond to the first dating app message you ever get and wind up dating him for two years, like I did in college. You do what works for you.

But in the name of voyeurism and curiosity, I asked 13 women to reveal how many matches they currently have on all their dating apps. Here are their stories.

This woman has 59 matches on Tinder.

— Sharlyn, 27

This woman has 1,613 matches on Tinder and about 200 matches on Bumble.

— Christina, 24

This woman has 15 matches on Bumble and 10 matches on Hinge.

— Elle, 29

This woman has 13 matches on Bumble and 720 matches on Tinder.

— Holly, 26

This woman has eight Bumble matches and had about 30 JSwipe matches.

— Jessica, 24

This woman has 38 matches on Hinge and had about 680 matches on Tinder.

— Regina, 26

This woman has 658 matches on Tinder and seven matches on Bumble.

— Rishma, 26

This woman has about 150 matches on OkCupid and 45 matches on Bumble.

— Chelsea, 23

This woman has 1,149 matches on Tinder and zero matches on The League.

— Whembley, 24

This woman has 35 matches on Tinder.

— Maria, 25

This woman has about 60 matches on Hinge and about 15 on JSwipe.

— Tess, 24

This woman had 15 matches on Hinge.

— Molly, 24

This woman has more than 1,000 matches on Tinder.

— Ericka, 24

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