How Many Tinder Matches Is Normal To Have At Once? Men Got Real About Their Numbers


Men can turn literally anything into a dick-measuring contest. Like, how many people they've slept with, the size of their inauguration crowd, the length of their actual dicks, whatever. I guess it's only human to want to see how you measure up. So, how many Tinder matches is normal for guys to have at once? I decided to ask around.

I don't necessarily think it works to your advantage to have tons of matches. Have you heard about the jam study? Sheena Iyengar, a professor of business at Columbia University, ran an experiment at a gourmet market in California featuring a booth selling jam. Every few hours, she switched from offering a selection of 24 jams to a selection of just six. Thirty percent of the customers who stopped by the smaller assortment made a purchase — but only three percent of those who saw the larger assortment did the same. Iyengar called choice "debilitating."

Tinder pretty much works the same way. The more matches you have, the harder it is to focus on any one match. But I guess theoretically, you might increase the odds of meeting the specific person who happens to be perfect for you.

Anyway, I asked nine guys to take a look at their dating apps and give me a full report to see how many matches is "typical." It turns out there's no general consensus — so dudes, wherever you are on the spectrum of matches, you're probably fine.

This man has 1844 matches on Tinder.

— Melih, 26

This man has six or seven matches on Tinder.

— Matt, 27

This man has 27 matches on Tinder, two matches each on Bumble and Hinge, 12 matches on Coffee Meets Bagel, and 11 matches on OkCupid.

— Wes, 27

This man has 381 matches on Tinder.

— Spencer, 22

This man has 178 matches on Tinder.

— Sam, 24

This man has 425 matches on Tinder.

— Ben, 25

This man has 203 matches on Tinder.

— Andres, 23

This man has 156 matches on Tinder.

— Andrew, 20

This man has 41 matches on Tinder.

— Scott, 27

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