15 Tweets About 'Deadpool' 2 That Will Make You Want To Run To The Nearest Theater

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After months of waiting, Deadpool 2 is finally here. The not-your-average-comic-book-movie took down Avengers: Infinity War at the box office in its first weekend, because apparently the only thing that can dethrone a Marvel movie is another Marvel movie. Just as Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool is funnier than his superhero counterparts, Deadpool fans are generally funnier than the average movie-goer (or at least they think they are), and after watching the new sequel, many have taken their talents to Twitter. These tweets about Deadpool 2 will make you want to run to the nearest theater ASAP — that is, if you can stop laughing long enough to buy yourself a ticket.

In Deadpool 2, the loud-mouthed superhero faces off against Cable, Josh Brolin's X-Men villain who's currently out hunting a young mutant. Deadpool joins forces with a few other X-men to protect the kid, but things quickly spiral out of control. Side note: "Spiraling" is a Jersey Shore Family Vacation thing, but for some reason, I think Deadpool would love that I'm using a Jersey Shore reference to describe his new movie.

Anyways, quite a few new characters join Deadpool's X-Force team, including Domino (Atlanta's Zazie Beetz), another mutant mercenary, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand), a mutant capable of harnessing atomic power. To quote Deadpool, these X-Force members are "tough, morally flexible, and young enough to carry their own franchise for 10 to 12 years."

It may seem like there's a lot going on in Deadpool 2, but fans are absolutely loving it. The sequel had big shoes to fill, but many fans happily reported on Twitter that Deadpool 2 is just as funny as — if not better than — the original.

Others were surprised to see Céline Dion, the iconic "My Heart Will Go On" singer, featured in Deadpool 2. Dion's "Ashes" features prominently in the film, and she even released a music video for the track before the film premiered.

Fans have also been sharing context-free spoilers, a nod to Reynolds' request (or fake request?) that fans keep the movie's secrets offline. "Almost everyone involved in the film has given Maximum Effort for the past two years, maintaining the highest level of super secrets, like how David Blaine catches bullets in his mouth. And the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices in Colonel Sanders' delicious mustache," Reynolds posted on Twitter. "We're asking that when you see Deadpool 2, you don't say a f*cking word about the fun sh*t in the movie."

Well, Wade, fans seem to be obliging, because plenty of people on Twitter are now posting hilarious "spoilers." Deadpool would be so proud.

Deadpool 2 fans, you did your job, because after looking through these "Spoilers without context" tweets, I have literally no idea what the movie is about.

Other fans have become obsessed with Peter, the newest member of the X-Force. Peter mysteriously popped up in the first Deadpool 2 trailer and his character was fully revealed in the second trailer. Peter (played by the hilarious Rob Delaney) doesn't seem to actually have any superpowers, but he does have an awesome Twitter account that keeps fans updated on his day-to-day life (hint: there are lots of bees involved).

I absolutely love Rob Delaney, so if Peter gets a Deadpool spin-off, I'll be first in line to watch the bee loving non-superhero in action. It seems like Delaney is behind Peter's hilarious Twitter account, and he's remained especially committed to ensuring that fans get all the Peter info they need. Let's keep the beekeeping info, dad jokes, and #MondayMotivation coming every day until Deadpool 2 leaves theaters.