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Send A Capricorn These 15 Texts After A First Date If You Want A Second


If you're interested in dating one of the most ambitious and disciplined signs in the zodiac, be prepared to bring your A-game. In addition to being honest, hardworking, and patient, Capricorns are known for holding themselves (and pretty much everyone else) to an achingly high standard. Wooing a goat may require some perseverance, but in the end, their unwavering sense of responsibility and duty make them strong relationship material. Here are some texts to send a Capricorn after a first date if you're up for the challenge of winning their heart.

1."It was such a pleasant surprise to meet you. It sounds like you've got a lot going on, but let me know the next time you're free. I'd love to grab dinner."

2. "I had so much fun talking with you last night. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon. Are you free this weekend?"

3. "Well, that was fun! Who knew I'd finally meet someone who loves [fill-in-the-blank] as much as I do."

4. "That bar was so much fun, what a great night! Next time it's my turn to show you a good time. Thanks again."

5. "It was really awesome to get to know you! Let me know what your schedule looks like next week."

6. "You definitely seem like someone I'd like to get to know on a deeper level. If you feel the same way, let's make it happen."

7. "OK, you're obviously cute, smart, and ambitious, so what's the catch? 😉

8. "For the sake of keeping it 💯, I'm definitely interested in round two. Are you free sometime this weekend?


9. "What was the name of that [fill-in-the-blank TV show or movie] you told me to check out again? I definitely want to give it a try. The next time we meet I'll have a thorough review prepped." 😉

10. "Thanks again for such great night — that was exactly what I needed after a hectic workweek."

11. "That [fill-in-the-blank meal] was so bomb! I know the perfect spot for us to visit next time. You'll love it."

12. "Thanks for spending your Saturday night with me. Let's do it again soon."

13. "What an epic night, I'm still laughing about [fill-in-the-blank]. What are you up to later this week?"

14. "Last night was great! I love it when someone can keep me on my toes."

15. "Thank you for last night, I had a great time. The rest of this week is a little busy, but I'm free [fill-in-the blank] night."

Capricorns might be a bit slow to open up, so it's important to practice patience early on. The best way to approach communication with this earth sign is to be direct, since they don't usually respond well to "hints." If you're into them, don't be afraid to shoot your shot.