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Send Your Cancer Crush One Of These 15 Texts After A First Date

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As the cardinal water sign, Cancers are known for possessing a level of depth and sensitivity that's truly amazing. If you can handle their complex emotional landscapes and fluctuating moods, they can be loving, devoted, creative, and family-oriented individuals who enjoy doting on their partners. So, if you've recently gone out with one who left you wanting more, here are 15 texts to send a Cancer after a first date that will make them smile.

1. I had so much fun talking with you last night. I would love to continue the conversation over dinner sometime.

2. It was really nice to meet you. Since we both haven't seen [insert movie/concert/show], would you like meet up and go sometime this week?

3. I've finally crossed paths with someone who also loves [insert movie/band/show], my life is complete 😉. If you're free, let's meet for lunch.

4. I was thinking of going to the beach/lake/park later this week. Would you like to join me for a picnic?

5. I haven't laughed that much in so long, thanks for keeping me company. There's a new wine bar in [insert neighborhood here] that I've been wanting to try. Are you free sometime this weekend?

6. Last night was great! There's a poetry reading at [insert venue], if you're free on [insert day] we should check it out.

7. I must admit, the food last night was good, but I know a place that will blow your mind! Let me know what your schedule looks like this week, maybe we can meet for dinner?

8. I swear I've never lost a game of pool so badly in my life. I need a re-match to defend my honor. How about this Friday? After dinner of course. 😃


9. I'm not sure what you have against whisky, but I've made it my personal mission to change your mind. Would you be up for doing a tasting at my favorite bar?

10. I had a feeling our date would be good, but I had no idea it was going to be that great. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one. How about Saturday?

11. I hope it's not TMI to admit that when I woke up this morning, the first thing on my mind was how wonderful it was to meet you. I'm already wondering when I'll see you again.

12. That standup was so funny, I've been chuckling to myself all morning. We need to make comedy Wednesday a regular thing. 😉

13. I had a great time with you! I hope it's not too soon to ask you on another date, but I guess I'll have to take the risk.

14. Those noods (🍜) were great, but getting to meet you was even better. Let's meet up again sometime soon! How about later this week?

15. Just out of curiosity, how long before I get to try some of those famous lemon bars you were talking about? Are you accepting bribes?

Taking initiative and asking a Cancer on a second date is a great way to show that you're genuinely interested in getting to know them. Making them feel safe and secure is massively important. The sooner they realize that your interest in them is sincere, the easier it'll be for them to come out of their shell, or invite you in.

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