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15 Sex Ed-Themed Instagram Accounts That'll Teach You SO Much

When I think about sex ed, what immediately comes to mind is my high school classmates turning beet red and giggling in the back of the room while Mrs. Preis’ earnestly attempted to explain masturbation. It wasn’t ideal. Now, thanks to the internet, you and I have many other outlets to learn about our bodies in the comfort of our own homes — and TBH, scouring social media for facts feels way less awk than a classroom lecture (no offense, Mrs. P.). In fact, there's a bevy of sexual education-themed Instagram accounts that you can follow for a steady stream of insight on everything from your period or birth control options to handy tips on how to improve your solo pleasure seshes.

Who knew that schooling yourself on sex could be as easy as scrolling through the 'Gram? The scope of inclusive, consent-informed, sex-positive accounts is actually pretty amazing — and the best part is, you'll get a constant influx of new info for free. From sexologists and intimacy coaches to reproductive health pros, lots of experts in the field are using this platform to enlighten people about their bodies, so you might as well take advantage. As for who to follow — I've rounded up a list of IG accounts that are guaranteed to teach you a ton about sex, sans any unnecessary shame (giggling is optional).


Sexologist Emily L. Depasse is on a mission to "redefine the narratives around STIs," and considering that she's already amassed nearly 30,000 followers, it seems like she's been pretty successful in using her platform to spread an important message.

Her casual sex series offer templates for having tough conversations — like how to bring up your STI screening, support a partner who discloses an STI, or reveal your herpes status to your sexual partners — all of which are aimed at de-stigmatizing sexually-transmitted infections. Whether you want to learn more about protecting yourself from STIs, or you have one and could use some positive affirmations, @sexELDucation is definitely worth a follow.


Dr. Laura McGuire is not only a sexuality educator, trauma-informed specialist, and inclusion consultant, but she's also the founder of the National Center for Equity & Agency, a #MeToo-era consulting firm that specializes in sexual misconduct prevention.

Basically, Dr. McGuire is dedicated to creating a culture of consent by schooling you on what it means and how to provide it. Moreover, they shed a spotlight on what it means to heal from sexual trauma. The best part? They're not afraid to tackle the tough subjects, like victim-blaming and healing from trauma — or tackle complicated questions, like, "How do I give consent to a long-term partner I've already been intimate with many times before?"


You might have heard about birthing doulas, but what's a sexuality doula? Well, according to Ev'Yan Whitney, who coined the term, it's someone who "educates, facilitates, supports, and holds space for women and femme-identifying folks who are ready to step out of shame, confusion, and fear within their sexuality and into erotic empowerment—whatever that looks like for them."

In addition to providing how-to posts (like asking for what you want sexually), Whitney also offers glimpses into her own personal journey of healing. They also created the #sensualselfiechallenge, a five-day radical self-love program that's aimed at encouraging you to celebrate your sexuality and your body in bold ways (no nudes required).


Looking for some sexual health realness? Then make sure Allbodies is on your feed — it's an online platform for reproductive and sexual health, and it's brimming with super useful info, all of which has been reviewed by experts.

Here, you'll find announcements about their latest digital health classes (which range from communication pleasure with partners to fertility preservation and dating after trauma. But you'll also get answers to questions you never dared to ask, like why you may be experiencing excessive vaginal sweating, or what the risks of oral sex are when one partner has herpes.


Given that @sexedsteph is a certified sex educator, reproductive justice advocate, and sex researcher, you can definitely expect a wide range of facts on her account — from the wonders of lube and emergency contraception to how antibiotics may affect your birth control. FYI, she also occasionally does sex shop gift card giveaways, just in case you're in the market for a new toy or trinket.


Remember that episode of The Office when Dwight Schrute asked Toby Flenderson where the female clitoris is? Too bad Dunder Mifflin's HR guy couldn't point him in the direction of @Clitorosity — which at the very least, depicts the actual structure of this mysterious organ. The IG account shares street art of — you guessed it — the clitoris — thus helping to spark sex-positive conversations and spread awareness about the widely misunderstood pleasure center all around the world. Now that's an endeavor I can get behind.


If you don't already follow @killerandasweetthang, run — don't walk — to add this digital sex/mental health resource to your feed. Eileen Kelly — the gal behind this uber-popular IG — has been called Gen Z's Dr. Ruth, and that just about says it all.

Between the hilarious sex-themed memes, stunning depictions of sensuality, and educational pointers (hello, Anal 101), this is one account that's bound to boost your intimacy IQ while also keeping you endlessly entertained.


The fact that @shanboody has collected 367K followers at this point speaks to just how valuable, relatable, and entertaining her content is.

Shan Boodrram is a certified intimacy educator, which means she teaches people to be more competent and confident in the bedroom for a living. And from #couplesquarantine intimacy tips to facts about erectile dysfunction and the anatomy of the vulva, truly no topic is off-limits for her.


Since Dr. Shemeka Thorpe is a sexuality educator & researcher whose account fuses sex ed with self-care. In other words, she doesn't just want you to know more about sex — she also wants you to have more satisfying experiences. So, you may quickly notice that all of her posts, no matter what the subject of the content, center around eliminating shame from your sex life.

PS: Dr. Thorpe happens to be the co-founder of @theminoritysexreport, a space for people of color to have conversations around sexuality, which is def also worth a follow.


This Instagram account bills itself as "sex ed for this century" and that description honestly couldn't be more accurate. Not only is all the content on @givingthetalk medically accurate, sensitive, and incredibly insightful, but it's also inclusive of all genders, races, and identities. Gotta love the "Real Talk" posts, which cover such conundrums as what to ask yourself before establishing consent with a partner, ways to give and ask for consent, and how to revoke consent.


Here's the bottom line: Following Dr. Emily Morse means getting a steady stream of sexual truth bombs. In addition to pithy statements like, "sex doesn't have to be about penetration," and "sex isn't meant to be perfect," she also regularly shares the results of her fascinating polls on such subjects as period sex, multiple orgasms, and BDSM. Be sure to check out Dr. Morse's Q&A IG Story, which she regularly updates with questions on a wide range of topics relating to sex and relationships.


Dr. Jessica O'Reilly isn't just a sexologist and sexual health expert — she's also worked with thousands of couples across the globe to improve their relationships via intimacy. Her IG account reflects those varied skills, because she not only posts handy little self-love reminders, but also inspiring check-ins to have with yourself or your partner that can enhance your mental and sexual health. BTW, if you're hungry for more advice from Dr. Jess, you can check out her sexuality-focused podcast.

Sex educator Erica Smith is on a quest to break down purity culture and encourage a more sex-positive societal mindset. Better yet, she continually shares statistics and other straight-up facts to support that goal. If you find yourself frustrated with how sex is portrayed in the media or advertising, or you're just trying to foster a healthier sexual relationship with yourself, this account is surely worth a follow.


This account is a goldmine of sexual wellness guidance, and it's no surprise, given that Lindsay Michelle (the force behind @sexedwithlindsay) is a human sexuality master's student who's certified in tantra studies.

When she's not busting sex myths or promoting killer giveaways, Lindsay is usually dropping genius self-care tips. Personally, I can't get enough of her "Did You Know?" posts — which divulge fascinating facts, like how studies have shown that women who meditate have better sex.


Sarah Cyr-Mutty, M.Ed, is a freelance sex educator, reproductive justice activist, and a lot of her content on @sexedwithsarah revolves around the nitty-gritty of consent, as well as gender identity, and sexual orientation. In addition to empowering quotes (like, "no is a complete sentence!") and advice (like ways to end a sexual experience without having to fake an orgasm), her account is loaded with practical reminders — like the little gem above.