Ronnie from 'Schitt's Creek' gives another character an unimpressed look.

These Ronnie Quotes From 'Schitt's Creek' Make The Wittiest Captions

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Ronnie Lee is a total mood in Schitt's Creek. Her unimpressed glances at other characters in the show are both relatable and hilarious. You often want to mimic her mannerisms during Zoom meetings, awkward holiday dinners, or when you're swiping left on dating apps. You know what you need? Ronnie Schitt's Creek quotes for Instagram that are sure to make your followers smile when they see so much wit on your feed.

You love when Ronnie shows up in a Schitt's Creek episode. As a matter of fact, you can always count on her to make you laugh out loud, like when she calls David Rose a "turkey virgin" during the turkey hunt in Season 1. She stands her ground throughout the series, even when Johnny Rose tries to join the Jazzagals. Ronnie quickly puts Johnny in his place and tells him, "I've got perfect pitch, so do not mess this up for me."

Whether Ronnie is adding some sarcasm to a rehearsal with the Jazzagals or critiquing Johnny's attempt at roasting Roland Schitt, she never fails to make every scene she's in that much better. For that reason, Ronnie quotes from Schitt's Creek are the perfect addition to your upcoming Instagram posts. Not only will they show your followers that you're a major fan of the show, but also that you're all about Ronnie's clever comments and comebacks. Here are some of the very best Ronnie quotes for your next IG captions.


1. "You know what I mean, string bean?"

2. "Wait a minute. He's marrying... you?"

3. "Turkey virgin!"

4. "This isn't 'Say Yes to the Dress,' princess."

5. "Good... lots of dairy."

6. "I got to get back to work, which, up until now, was the most boring part of my day."

7. "That's all I've got... for now."

8. "Is there something I can do for you?"

9. "Good work, Princess."

10. "Orange is the new orange."

11. "You've got to be short and quick."

12. "I've got perfect pitch, so do not mess this up for me."

13. "I don't hate what you're saying."

14. "Maybe he just got bored."

15. "You won't be getting any chitchat from your buddy."

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