15 Punny "I Miss You" Texts That’ll Make Your Partner Smile

Whether your partner is hanging with their friends for the weekend, or away for a longer period, punny "I Miss You" texts are a sweet and heartfelt way to show them you care. Sending longer, more elaborate texts to let them know how much you miss them might seem like a good idea, but depending on your relationship dynamic, it may also be a little much. This can be especially true if they're only away for a few days. If your goal is to keep the mood light, while also communicating some sentimental feels, here are texts that will definitely get your message across.

1. "I love a little s'more every day. Wish you were here.🍫🔥 💕"

2. "I just wanted to let you know that I miss you a waffle lot.❤️ 🧇"

3. "I miss the shell out of you!🐢"

4. "Babe, I miss you watts and watts.💡💞"

5. "I miss you so much! You constantly octopi my thoughts.🐙 💭"

6. "I hope you're having a good day, babe. Miss you pig time.🐽 😘"

7. "Miss you so much. Never forget that yoda only one for me. [insert baby yoda GIF here]"

8. "Can't wait to give you the biggest hug. I'd be otterly lost without you. [insert baby otter GIF here]"

9. "I miss you. Always remember that you truly are one in a melon.💫 🍈"

10. "Miss you! I know it's corny, but you're a-maize-ing!💗 🌽

11. "It's been tough without you, my love. You take up so mushroom in my heart.🍄 ❤️"

12. "Can't wait to be reunited, babe. You light up my life.💡"

13. "So excited for you to get back! I've really been missing my butter half. 🧈 💕"

14. "Hurry up and get back! I'm soy into you. 😍"

15. "So pumped to give you a huge kiss. You are definitely a 🐨 🍵 bae."

Being apart from an SO can certainly be a bummer. That why it's never a bad idea to come up with creative ways to stay in touch. So, the next time you're missing your main squeeze, shooting them a cute text is the move.