15 People Reveal How They Figured Out Their Fiancée's Ring Size & OMG, Love Isn't Dead


I've always thought that figuring out exactly when to propose was the most difficult hurdle to cross before getting engaged. I was wrong. Apparently, people everywhere have confirmed that how they figured out their fiancée's ring size was no easy task and wow, I hope I never have to do this.

I mean, people are out here buying starter rings, tying yarn to their girlfriend's digits, and even stealing rings from their girlfriend's personal jewelry collection. I suppose I've never really considered just how daunting it is to buy an engagement ring, much less one that's the wrong size.

Imagine your partner gets down on one knee and your Meghan Markle moment is finally here. Except when they go to slide your new bling onto your finger (assuming you say yes, of course), it stops just shy of your knuckle. Total mood-killer, right?

To ensure their proposals are all happy tears and nothing else, these people went to extreme (and some not-so-extreme) lengths to figure out their fiancée's ring size before popping the question.

This guy planned ahead and it's so darn cute.

- rudelyinterrupts

Um, this is actually sort of brilliant.

- Conchobair

By the time this guy was ready to propose, he was a pro.

- Dajbman22

Oops! This guy didn't even know that he should've asked about her ring size.

- clobster5

OK, this is sneaky. Always good to have a partner in crime.

- showme1946

This guy prefers to be practical and TBH, he has a point.

- cptnrandy

This guy agrees.

- punninglinguist

When it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

- PrintError

This couple has their own secret language.

- Sadpanda596

This isn't a terrible idea.

- joshuar9476

This is some high-tech sh*t.

- PacSan300

I love how creative this is.

- theotherfzone

When in doubt, it's always good to have a backup plan.

- LouBrown

If you borrow one of her rings for reference, at least try to return it.

- ryanm1803

It's not the end of the world (or your relationship) if the ring doesn't fit at first.

- Current_Poster

Having your partner do all the dirty work is fun but it's also risky. Plus, some people think it's downright demanding. Why should the person you love spend weeks squirming about your ring size when you could just straight-up tell them? This woman explains why it's actually better to help your partner out.

- orangepeeling

Well, there you have it. If you and your partner have talked about tying the knot, maybe email them the link to this article — you know, for inspiration. Bing, bang, boom.

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