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1 Of Justin's New Songs Is Filled With Lyrics To Caption All Your Romantic Pics

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As a long-standing Belieber, you've probably been streaming Justin Bieber's sixth studio album, Justice, since it dropped on March 19. On that day, you were quick to hit "play" and even quicker to deem the second track, "Deserve You," as one of your faves. Besides being an all around bop, this track perfectly captures how much you adore your partner. One listen was enough to convince you that these "Deserve You" lyrics deserve to be used as romantic captions for pics of yourself with your SO.

Many of the lyrics on this album were written by the singer about his wife, Hailey Bieber. Knowing these lyrics come straight from the heart makes these captions even sweeter to use with your own swoon-worthy snaps — especially when it comes to the lines in "Deserve You." This jam is all about how Biebs finds his special someone to be perfect in every way, so the track's a treasure chest of thoughtful messages to make your person's day.

Since you and your partner are just as #couplegoals as Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, it only makes sense to channel them on your Insta. Throw on your favorite hoodie and some fun sneakers and pose with your bae to mimic the couple's effortless street-style look. A throwback photo of your wedding day or engagement isn't a necessity, but they'll definitely look extra dreamy when paired with any of these "Deserve You" lyrics.

1. "Night after night you fall asleep on me."

2. "It's in the way that you hold me."

3. "I need you more than I let you believe I do."

4. "It's hard to believe I'm the person you think I am — the person that you tell me you love."

5. "I don't deserve you tonight."

6. "Oh, when we kiss, I'm alive and I feel brand new."

7. "I need you, don't let me go."

8. "It's in the things that you show me."

9. "The way your body fits on mine."

10. "I can't breathe without you."

11. "Gotta need you."

12. "I can't live without you."

13. "And now my eyes are locked on you."

14. "There's nothing that I want more than us."

15. "And finally, I'm right where I belong."