15 Perfectly Casual Instagram Captions For Photos Of You & Your Summer Fling

by Sydnee Lyons

Seasonal Instagram captions are 100 percent a thing. I know because this is exactly how I organize the hundreds of archived captions I keep in the Notes section of my phone. Instagram addicts unite! If you're anything like me, you're just about ready to start working on your summer-themed captions. First up: Instagram captions for photos of your summer fling.

Sure, you can throw a few lines about summer lovin' in there, but you don't want to make things sound more serious than they are. Remember, summer lovin' happened so fast. It's not like your summer fling is going to turn out to be the Danny to your Sandy or anything (at least, not as far as you can tell). Just to be safe, you want to keep these captions as casual as your date. Think of this photo as more of a one-time cameo for your summer fling than a starring role.

The key to a good Instagram caption is brevity (so it's not all that different from your summer fling). The quicker you can your point across — so that your followers can spend more time looking at the photo than reading your caption — the better. If you can throw in a summer pun or two (without sounding too cheesy), your likes will be just like the temperature — in the triple digits. Try any one of these 15 Instagram captions this summer.

"Hot like the summer sun. Quick like the summer nights."

I think this accurately sums up everyone's dream summer fling, no?

"Summertime and the lovin' is easy."

OK, so the actual song by Ella Fitzgerald says, "Summertime and the livin' is easy," but this version totally works, too.

"Summer was made for sandy toes and salty kisses."

This is pretty self-explanatory. Obviously, you'll need to reassess the situation when the seasons change.

"I'd like to ride the ocean waves with you."

Because why not?

"Tan lines fade but summer memories never do."

Hopefully, you won't be filing these memories under, "OMG, what was I thinking?"

"Just when I thought I had a break from school, you were my midsummer night's dream."

Wow. Shakespeare is quaking.

"I'm so glad I checked you off my summer bucket list."

Alternatively, you could just type, "Summer To-Do List: You, check."

"Summer school never looked so good."

Hey, I bet you could teach this person a thing or two about summer flings.

"Here's to summer in Mali-boo!"

So you're not actually in Malibu, this is you making the most of your staycation.

"I sea you, baby."

Here for the puns. Always.

"You're my favorite summer adventure."

Define adventure.

"Life's better in flip-flops and summer's better with you."

Come on. How cute is this?

"Be my summer getaway."

It's a metaphor, duh.

"Let's make a pact to watch more sunsets than Netflix together."

Ugh. The most romantic.

"Every summer has a story but they can't all be novels."

Some are short stories.

Just like your summer fling, you shouldn't take your summer Instagram captions too seriously. If you're spending more time and energy crafting the perfect Instagram posts (to prove you're having the best summer ever) rather than actually having the best summer ever, you're doing it wrong. A quick snap every now and then is a great way to capture those fleeting summer moments and share them with friends online, but it's definitely not something that should consume your every thought.

The best Instagram posts are those that feel authentic and unplanned, which, ironically, is why plandids are such a big deal. This summer, do your best to live in the moment. Say yes to new adventures. Spend time with the people you love. Take a minute to appreciate your down time, without the hassle of classes or your on-campus job.

Whatever you do and whomever you do it with, you should aim to have fun. And yeah, do it for the story, too — the one you'll tell your college friends when you get back to campus, not the one you post on Instagram or Snapchat.

When you're ready to share your favorite moments online, don't stress too much about captions. You can always throw in a bunch of random, summer-inspired emojis (sun, beach ball, surfer dude... that sort of thing) to make up for your writer's block. Trust me, your friends won't even notice. They'll be too busy scouring the background for their own potential flings and commenting on your summer aesthetic. #Goals.