Send Your Leo Partner One Of These Sweet Texts On Their B-Day

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Some people don't believe in making birthdays a big deal. Leos, however, don't believe in birthdays at all — they believe in birth months. Loud-and-proud Leos already live pretty extravagant lifestyles, but when it comes to celebrating their special day, they're extra AF. If you date anyone born between July 23 and Aug. 22, you better be prepared to spend their birthday (or, you know, birth month) treating them like the kings and queens they are. Of course, birthday texts for Leo partners matter just as much as parties and presents, so don't think you'll get away with your standard, "Happy birthday!"

I'd be lyin' if I said the lions of the zodiac aren't a little high-maintenance. No, you don't need to spend a month's rent on a gift, but you should take advantage of your Leo boo's birthday to remind them just how special they are. Those born under Leo love to be loved, and TBH, they never get tired of receiving your praise and affection. Want to make your partner's day without having to rent out a nightclub and hire Cirque du Soleil? Then try charming the Leo in your life with one of these sweet birthday text messages.

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1. Hey, birthday babe. I just sent you a little something on Venmo — you should go treat yourself.

2. Happy birthday, beautiful! Don't worry — I'll be sure to send you a screenshot of my birthday Insta for you before posting so you can approve. I'll even let you pick out the photo I use if you want.

3. Happy birthday, my love! Will you send me a selfie? I want to see if you look even more gorgeous at [age].

4. FYI, I'm throwing you a birthday get-together tonight with a few of your friends. I know you hate surprises, so I wanted to give you a heads-up (but plz try to act surprised! 😉).

5. Happy birthday to you, my love. I don't know how I wound up with someone as incredible as you, but I sure am glad I did. ❤️

6. Hey, birth-bae! I hope you're down to go shopping — I want to take you out to buy a new outfit for tonight.

7. Guess what? It's your special day, and we're doing whatever you want. Just tell me what you have in mind and I'll make it happen.

8. 🎵 It's your birthday, so I know you want to ride out 🎵 Happy b-day, sexy. Looking forward to birthday sex with you later tonight. 😜

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9. It's amazing how, even on a day when you should be receiving presents, I still get the gift of your presence. You're too good to me.

10. I can't wait to treat you like royalty today. Get ready for VIP service, birthday queen/king. 👑

11. My birthday present to you: I'll take as many pictures of you tonight as you want so you can get the perfect b-day Insta (and I promise I won't complain!).

12. I'm going to buy some champagne for us to pop in honor of your birthday. Do you want Dom Perignon or Veuve Clicquot? 🥂

13. What color are you going to wear to your birthday party? I'll text all your friends and tell them that color's off-limits. I don't want anyone to steal your spotlight tonight, birthday girl/boy.

14. Happy birthday, hottie. Get ready — I'm about to send you my 10 favorite pictures of you, ranked from sexy to sexiest.

15. Just a quick reminder: You are #1 in my heart, today and all days. I hope you have the happiest of birthdays, super star. 🌟

All Leos really want is to feel appreciated, and these birthday texts will def have them feeling the love.

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