15 Annoying AF Hair Struggles So Many Of Us Can Relate To On The Reg


Having a bad hair day? Ugh, I know the struggle can be so real. Whether you had to settle for a hat this morning, or just didn't have the time to do your average styling — it's safe to say that you might be feeling a bit messy. You'll be playing with your hair all day, putting it into ponytails and trying to find something that will really just pull it all together for the afternoon on Pinterest. Maybe your straightener just decided to stop working, or the weather got in the way. Rainy days are the least of our annoying hair struggles, and these things we can relate to on the reg.

In high school, I used to wake up a little early and give myself that extra time to totally stress out over my look. When senior year of college came around, I got a little lazier and my hair was too long to really do anything but throw it into ponytails. So, I settled for the a much simpler lifestyle.

On the days where I truly tried, I would curl my hair and it would come out looking like a perm, or I'd be putting it up for dance recitals and covering it in hairspray until it felt like plastic because that bun just couldn't fall out on stage no matter what. Lesson learned — just keep it simple. But, if on an average day you're still struggling with your hair, like my incredibly awkward self, then you know these 15 things to be totally true.

When Your Curls Won't Hold

If you have naturally straight hair, then you know the struggle of getting those beautiful beach curls. You tried every wand and curling iron out there, and there's only been one that's given you the results you've been looking for.

When you're going out, you make it a point to do your hair last, just because you know that in an hour or so it'll be pin straight again without your permission. And out of all of your roommates, you have the hairspray with the strongest hold. Maybe one day you'll be able to wake up and live those second-day loose curls — but it doesn't seem like that will be in the near future at all.

When The Car Windows Are Down

We love summer because we can go on road trips with our besties and feel those beach breezes. But, sometimes when the wind is blowing and car windows are down, it's just a hair disaster. Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend some quality time in the morning perfecting our strands. So, when any sort of weather gets in the way of that, it's sort of a slap in the face.

Sometimes we settle for air conditioning just because it's a little less crazy, or we'll inevitably throw it all up in a bun. It'll be better that way when you're hanging in the sand, anyway.

When You're Beach Bound And Trying To Not Get It Wet

I've never been the kind of person who dodges getting my hair wet at the beach or local pool, but I know the struggle is still so real. Maybe your hair is just a tangled mess when it gets wet, or you're trying to stay cute for those beach day snaps. Splashing is no joke for you. Don't worry, I'm not here to judge. But, it definitely does make having fun in the sun a little more difficult.

When It's Humid Out And No Products Seem To Help

Let's be honest, we all hate when it's humid. Everything in our lives just feels a little bit sticky, and dare I say, moist. We come inside begging for dry air, and can't wait to shower just to wash the weather right off of us.

In the morning, we check out the forecast and see all of the fog, and pull out all of our best products. We try running from our cars and dodging the outside world at all costs — but nothing seems to help.

When You Fall Asleep Right After You Shower

Falling asleep with wet hair is a dangerous game I play every single night. Truth is, you never know what you're going to wake up to. Maybe you'll have some effortless curls and literally be able to say, "I woke up like this." Or maybe you slept on everything funny, and one strand is sticking up in the most awkward way from the minute you look in the mirror. The only way I've discovered to battle this, is with a braid. Going to bed with a fishtail is bound to make the struggle much less real.

When A Hat Can't Even Help Your Bad Hair Day

When the bad hair day strikes, the baseball caps and berets of the world find their time to shine. Thank goodness for accessories, because otherwise we'd have to go out in public with greasy roots and fly-aways.

Sometimes, a ponytail or a braid just isn't enough, and so we decide to make a fashion statement instead. When we're feeling our laziest and messiest, that's the best time to show off something a little sporty. Go team! Am I right?

When It Just Decides Not To Grow

So, you got your hair cut how long ago? And it's still only this long? Oh boy, that's why we avoid chopping our hair for so long. It's such a struggle to grow it all back out! Sure, there are so many dead ends we need to get rid of, and cutting your hair is healthy and quite therapeutic. But, it's now been two summers and you still can't get that long, glam ponytail. What gives? It's like waiting for paint to dry, or your food to come around at a restaurant — the more you focus on it, the longer it seems to take.

When Your Hairdresser Cut It A Little Too Short

We've all had that one haircut that just wasn't what we expected. We came into the appointment with pictures from Pinterest and images from the Internet of our favorite celebrities rocking their new 'dos. But, when all is said and done and the chair gets flipped around, we can't help but have our jaw drop a bit.

The hairdresser asks us if we like it, and we have to nod along just so we're not totally rude. We get in our cars and cry it out a little bit, before crossing all our fingers that it'll grow out again so soon.

When It's Too Long To Do Anything With It

Long hair, don't care. Actually, I take that totally back. When your hair is excessively long, it's so hard not to care.

Last fall, I finally chopped my hair because I found myself wearing it in a ponytail or messy bun every day just to get it out of my face. If you're in the same position, I highly recommend you consider donating your locks to a lovely cause, and putting your heart into your hair.

When It's Too Short To Do Anything But Style It

Having short hair can be just as difficult as having super long hair. There are only so many ways you can style it — and you always have to style it. When you have short hair, there's really no such thing as just throwing it in a braid or putting it up in a bun before a long day. Your locks won't make it into the hair tie, and it's oh-so-unfortunate.

Since cutting it, you've looked up some easy ways to do your hair in the morning now. This braided look in particular is the sporty style you need when you just don't have the time to put in the effort. No matter what the length, there's always a bad hair day to be had.

When It Doesn't Dye The Right Color

So, you seriously needed to touch up your roots. But, you didn't have time to sit through an entire appointment, so you decided to do it yourself. Once again, this is a dangerous game to play, and you and your roommates are trying to channel all your inner hairstylists so that it doesn't come out totally botched.

Maybe you were so tired of your natural color, or wanted something a little more vibrant and colorful. It's always another jaw-dropping moment when you take the towel off and reveal something very unexpected. That's not quite the look you were going for, and it's safe to say this experience has been nothing short of an art project.

When You Can't Bring Your Brand Along On The Trip

Traveling has its own struggles — but when it comes to our beauty routines, we have a whole lot of guidelines we can't forget to follow when boarding a plane. Odds are that if you've invested a lot of time in your hair, you have a special brand that you have found works best, and have so much trouble leaving behind.

Since it's so unique, it doesn't come in a travel size, so you're forced to use something much more generic in the shower. And you find yourself crossing all your fingers that the country you're heading for has something even remotely similar. For now, you'll just pack your suitcase with as many samples as you can.

When You Run Out Of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo, like baseball caps and braids, is our favorite thing when we're in a rush or just feeling lazy. Life gets busy, and sometimes we just didn't have time to shower before the next thing on our schedule. This truly inspired invention keeps us feeling fresh and gets rid of all that grease. Have I convinced you to try it, yet?

But, the true struggle is the day we're rushing more than usual and realize that the bottle is totally empty. Suddenly, we're forced to settle for something much more mediocre, and just hope that our professors and classmates can't really tell. Maybe in the future, these containers will totally fill themselves. A girl with annoying AF hair problems and packed planner can dream, right?

When It's A Ball Of Static In The Winter

Did I mention yet that winter is the actual worst? When it comes to our beauty routines, they get extra excessive when the weather isn't so warm. Suddenly, we have to break out the extra bottles of moisturizer and are researching all the wonder of coconut oil. It's a seasonal battle that we just have to face, and that leaves us feeling so dull.

When the temperature drops and the air gets dry, our hair becomes one big ball of static. It's like somebody rubbed a balloon on your head and is leaving it floating there all day. You could run your fingers through the strands and feel the spark. Is it summer yet?

When Your Hair Is Looking Perfect, But You Have Nowhere To Go

This is the classic story of every Saturday night that turned to be out much chiller than you anticipated, and ended in posting a solid selfie. It's always right when everything finally is working out with your hair, that you have no plans or people to see. You spend so much time looking in the mirror and feeling yourself, and try and scramble to meet up with your crush or even just hit up the diner for a late night milkshake with your bestie. A good hair day only seemingly happens once in a Blue Moon.

Honestly, in those moments, anything would really do — as long as it meant you could show off your stylish hair. But, the struggle seems to follow you wherever you go — and so you're forced to stay in and live these relatable AF things all over again. Ugh, maybe next time!