These Instagram photo ideas for at-home date nights are too cute.
14 Adorable Instagram Photo Ideas For At-Home Date Nights 


Without a doubt, 2020 will go down as the year of the at-home date night — and luckily, lots of couples have begun to appreciate the benefits of these low-key hangs. Sure, staying in may force you and your boo to get a little more creative, but you also get to skip the lines, crowds, and overpriced drinks. Just because you're not heading out for the evening doesn't mean you won't have lots of photo ops, either. In fact, there are so many Instagram photo ideas for at-home date nights that'll brighten up your feed.

Aside from QT with your cutie, of course, one of the perks of date night is getting some high-quality Instagram content. Maybe you're the kind of person who likes to share a quick selfie of you and your SO all dressed up, or maybe you get a thrill from documenting the experiences and adventures themselves. Either way, sharing some moments from your date isn't just about proving you're total #couplegoals — it's also about giving you and your boo something sweet to look back on months or years down the line. And I'd venture to guess your at-home bonding time is just as special — if not more — as those extravagant nights out.

So, next time you and your main squeeze are staying in, grab your camera and capture one of the following shots to give your feed an instant sprinkle of romance — #nocaptionneeded.


Whether you and bae are having a glass of bubbly with dinner or are doing a full-on wine tasting, a shot of your glasses clinking (and their soft-focus face in the background) can make a totes adorable post. If you happened to concoct some craft cocktails, consider leaving the recipe in the caption.

Board Life

Step one: put together a charcuterie board, complete with whatever cheeses, cured meats, crostini, jams, nuts, olives, and dried fruits you desire. Step two: Snap a pic to show off your epic spread on the 'Gram.

Snuggle Selfie

When you and your boo are having a low-key date night, like watching a cute comedy on Netflix together, take a selfie from your cuddle position on the couch. Then, watch and wait as the heart-eye emojis roll in.

Dinner For Two

Cooking a homemade meal for two is a super romantic way to spend date night at home. Whether it's your first attempt or you're on par with Bobby Flay, be sure to take a pic of your gourmet feast before you dig in. This one could also be a carousel with a photo of you and bae in the middle of the cooking process (chopping veggies, sautéing garlic, etc.), followed by a photo of the finished meal.

Game Time

Regardless of whether you're playing a round of poker, war, Jenga or Scrabble, make sure to document the situation by sharing a pic of either your date taking their turn or the game laid out in front of you. BTW, feel free to add that you're winning (with a smirk emoji, of course) in the caption.

Paint Nite Masterpieces

If your date night consists of painting (or any other kind of artistic endeavor), why not flaunt your finished masterpiece? You can take a pic of them side by side, add them individually to a carousel post, or — if you're feeling shy about sharing yours — ask your boo to pose with their work of art.


Just because you didn't go out doesn't mean no one else gets to see that bomb outfit you put together. So, go ahead and have your SO snap a full-length pic of your date night *lewk* (or just take a mirror selfie) for the ultimate style flex.

Dirty Dancing

Whether you opt to learn a Tik-Tok dance or scour YouTube for some lessons, be sure to take a video of you both grooving, and then share your moves on Instagram.


One fun activity to do on an at-home date night is to write out your bucket list as a couple. Once you're finished, take a photo of the list to share with your followers — and invite them to make suggestions in the comments.


Indoor camping is such a fun idea for an at-home date night — and best of all, it provides a plethora of adorable photo possibilities. Snap a photo of the two of you making s'mores, your partner holding a flashlight before telling a ghost story, or a selfie of you and your SO snuggled up in sleeping bags.

Romance On a Blanket

A sweet indoor picnic for two is definitely worth a humblebrag post on Insta. So, while standing up above the spread, take an aerial shot of the whole shebang — with finger foods, pitchers of sangria, and perhaps your boo included.


An at-home spa day calls for some LOL-worthy selfies. If your partner is up for it, set the camera timer and take a pic of you both clad in robes with your feet soaking or relaxing with face masks and cucumber slices on your eyes.

Karaoke With A Side Of Cuteness

If you and your partner are brave enough to do karaoke on your date night, the IG world should know. Include a pic of your boo holding the mic (with the lyrics of their chosen song on screen in the background), or have them take one of you belting your heart out.

Sushi Chefs

If you can get all the necessary materials, making your own sushi at home is a fun (and delicious) way to spend date night. As far as how to capture the experience on the 'Gram, consider making a carousel that includes: a picture of all the materials laid out, an action shot of you or your partner rolling the sushi, and the finished product.