13 Tweets About Meeting The Family That’ll Make You #TBT To When You Met Bae’s Fam

Meeting your SO's family is an occasion that is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Will they like me? Will I fit in with their family dynamic? Will I accidentally end up saying something super inappropriate or dumb? First off, don't worry — all of these concerns are totally normal and just mean that you genuinely care and want to make a good impression. Just about everyone has experienced some anxious feelings when meeting the family of a new partner, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to try to relax. Also, binge-reading tweets about meeting the family is the probably the next best thing you could do to curb your frayed nerves.

Seriously though, no matter how nice and normal your SO says their family is, the unfortunate truth is that you'll have no idea what you're in for until they have you surrounded. Fortunately, most parents and families just want their child to be happy. As long as you're on your best behavior, drink responsibly, and stay away from hot-button topics like politics or religion, you should be good to go. In the meantime, here are some very relatable tweets to ease your suffering. You're not the first person to meet the family, and you definitely won't be the last.

They're sizing you up, but you're also sizing them up.
theinlaws on Twitter

Depending on how close your SO is to their family, there's a chance that dating them could also mean dating their family. In some cases, this may be a totally fun and enjoyable experience. But if it's not, at least you have time to decide if you should escape while you still can.

It's a cycle, people.
jayzclassicbars on Twitter

It's true! In the beginning, you'll probably be on your best behavior and your bae's fam will be all over you. But just like with every relationship that reaches a plateau, once you get comfortable enough to be your true self, they probably won't be afraid to tell it to you like it is. That's just what happens when people get comfortable around each other.

Sometimes, your body fights back.
mrseves5 on Twitter

Look, sometimes our bodies are in such turmoil that all they can do to cope is make us gassy AF. If they have a dog, then chances are the pooch will get the blame and you can sheepishly laugh along.

Other times, divine intervention may be in order.
ryandowns7 on Twitter

If you have an honest bae and they've prepared you to meet their family, then the only thing you can really do is #pray and hope for the best.

Deciding on an appropriate outfit is half the battle.
alexis__torres on Twitter

Seriously, if you've just tried on 20 different variations of the same outfit, rest assured you're not the only one, my friend. If you're having trouble, the safest option is just to dress like you're going to a nice dinner with your grandparents.

Just when you think you're over it, the stress will come back.
ski_bella on Twitter

I like to think of meeting-the-parents stress as being similar to taking-a-test stress. No matter how prepared you think you are, you're probably still gonna be antsy AF when test day finally comes, .

Sometimes, even your partner is scared for you.
secprincess1 on Twitter

If your bae has admitted that you should be concerned about their family for any reason, then that's when you know you're going to be in for an intense night. Just don't look 'em in the eye for too long or make any sudden movements. (Just kidding! Kind of!)

I mean... this is fair.
iamiselande on Twitter

But you're going to have to do it eventually! Rip it off like a band-aid!

Don't be afraid to DTR!
awkotacoonline on Twitter

If you're meeting the person who you're dating's family, there's a pretty good chance it's serious. Sure, it could be a weird transition if you've been single for a long time, but if you have any doubts about your relationship status post-meeting, ask! Don't be afraid to DTR.

This can be overwhelming.
denise_bts on Twitter

Make sure you prepare bae if you have more first cousins than you can count on one hand. Even if they're the most social bae on the planet, getting bombarded by several people can be really overwhelming!

Ok but WHY does this always happen?
mydearjournal on Twitter


Ahhh, board games.
haiitsgabi on Twitter

Nothing like some good ol' fashioned competition to really unite a group, huh? But actually, having some sort of activity planned besides just dinner may help keep everyone happy and distracted, so bae doesn't feel like they're at a job interview.

This is true, but...

Everything gets better with time! All of your SO's siblings' partners surely felt that way too before adjusting to the family dynamic. Soon enough, you'll have an established place in bae's family, and it'll feel great.

No one said meeting the people that could be your future in-laws would be easy. But more often than not, first-time meetings turn out just fine. Luckily you've got your bae by your side to keep things running smoothly.