Your partner will love these sweet first anniversary gift ideas
13 Sweet Gifts To Give Your Partner For Your 1-Year Anniversary

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Spending 365 days in a relationship is no small feat. A one-year anniversary is a big milestone, and it should be treated as such. Whether you go out on the town or spend the night in together, there's no wrong way for you and your SO to celebrate. But if you two decide to exchange gifts, it can be tough to figure out a unique way to say, "Thanks for spending these past 12 months fighting over where to get takeout with me." No matter your budget, I've rounded up some sweet first anniversary gift ideas your partner is sure to appreciate.

Presents don't always have to be "things." You can always give your partner a fun experience for your first anniversary, or you can get crafty with a DIY creation. You can even celebrate with an anniversary present that barely costs you anything. Of course, store-bought gifts can be just as thoughtful as gifts from the heart. If you're open to potentially spending money on a tangible item, why not give your partner something they'd never expect? These one-year anniversary present ideas aren't just totally original — they're all under $100, so you can say "I love you" without breaking the bank.

This Foldable Box Full Of Sweet Surprises

This surprise gift box will allow your sweetie to unwrap their present again and again, revealing 13 of your fav photos and an inner wooden box to hide an extra surprise. Because the box is magnetic, you can also display it on your fridge once it's laid out flat.

This Candle That Lets Your Love Burn Bright

Show your love with this champagne-scented, hand-poured soy wax candle, which you can personalize with your names, your anniversary date, and a map of a city that's special to you both. The best part: It includes two wicks to symbolize the two of you burning bright together.

This Super-Soft Blanket Perfect For Netflix And Chilling

Your favorite snuggle buddy will love this cozy fleece blanket, which is big enough for the two of you to keep warm together on your next movie night.

This Polaroid Camera For All Your Picture-Perfect Moments

Give your boo the gift of never missing a special moment with this Polaroid digital camera, which lets you snap, print, and share high-quality photos in an instant.

This Toiletry Bag For Spontaneous Sleepovers

Bae will never complain about spending the night at your place once you give them this water-resistant toiletry bag, which includes separate compartments for just about everything.

These Delicious Chocolates That Spell It Out For Them

Say what you need to say with these milk-chocolate letters, which your boo will probably appreciate way more than flowers or a store-bought card.

This Pretty Fern That Lets Your Love Grow

Even if your partner has never seen How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, they'll appreciate this love fern, which you two can grow and care for together.

This Morse Code Bracelet That Really Sends A Message

You don't need to know Morse code to appreciate this custom Morse code bracelet, which will allow bae to carry around a secret message from you no matter where they go.

These Socks For Toe-tally Happy Feet

Socks may seem like an odd gift, but these breathable, moisture-wicking calf socks — available for both men and women — are ideal for all the new adventures you and your SO take on together.

This Box Of Never-Ending Date Inspo

Your partner will never stress over planning your next date night with this date night ideas box, which provides 60 unique ideas for nights out on the town with your one-and-only.

This Sweet Pillow For Smothering Your SO With Affection
This Wall Art That Will Draw Everyone's Attention

Forget framed photos — you can really capture you and your boo with this custom couple portrait, which you can purchase in a download, in several print sizes, or even on a T-shirt.

These Headphones That Will Be Music To Their Ears

Even if you and your loved one never run out of things to say to each other, they'll still appreciate the quiet time these comfortable and portable studio monitor headphones will give them.

Here's hoping that one of these awesome gifts will guarantee you and your boo many more happy years together!