5 Creative Anniversary Gifts You Can DIY, Because Love Don't Cost A Thing

If you have an anniversary coming up, your excitement about planning a celebration might outweigh your budget for the event. But don't stress! After all, it's the thought that counts, and there are plenty of DIY anniversary gifts that can be as special and amazing as a fancy, pricey present. There's also something wonderfully sentimental about a unique gift that is personalized to your relationship, emotionally significant, and can't be store-bought. So consider rolling up your sleeves and getting creative!

While coming up with a special DIY gift for your boo could seems like a tall order, sometimes a simple gift can mean the world to someone. Sure, some people might like to make anniversaries a big deal with reservations at fancy restaurants, weekend trips out of town, or even lavish parties, but you and your honey might decide to mark this milestone in your relationship in a budget-friendly way.

The holidays can certainly put a strain on your finances, and an anniversary doesn't need to be another taxing demand on your wallet. One of my all-time favorite anniversary moments with a boyfriend was when he simply wrote me a card with a list of his favorite things about me. It was so sweet, and all it cost him was a little time and thought. So read on to get inspired to come up with your very own, DIY anniversary gift!

Create a Cocktail

Roy Rogers, Shirley Temple, Arnold Palmer... oh, to be famous enough to have a beverage named after you! When crafting your custom cocktail, consider your loved one's personality. Are they spicy, sweet, or bubbly? This will help determine your ingredients, then add in their favorite spirit, and top it off with a garnish that makes you think of your partner. And, of course, name it after them! If you want to take it one step further, consider persuading your favorite bartender at your local bar to make the cocktail so the next time you come in with your honey, you can order the Jesse, the Chris, or the Kara in style.

Make A Photo Album

Sure, we all carry a zillion photos around with us all the time on our phones, but there's something nostalgic and sentimental about an actual photo album. There are a lot of easy, simple, and budget-friendly ways to print photos directly from your albums on your phone. Consider putting the prints into an album with space to jot little notes by each photos, so you can share a memory about the moment captured with your honey.

Map Of Your City

Whether you've traveled extensively with your partner or made a lot of great memories in your home city together, marking these significant spots on a map is a sweet and sentimental way to chart your time together. Frame a vintage map or a cool print of a map of your city and put some silver push pins to mark the places you had memorable dates, significant moments, and special occasions.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Figuring someone out in a relationship is a bit like putting all the pieces of a puzzle together, so commemorate your anniversary witha custom puzzle! Choose a sweet photo of you and your bae and order a personalized jigsaw puzzle! Not only can the two of you spend time together putting all the pieces in place, but you can also remind your honey that they truly are your missing piece!

Rewrite A Book

Maybe your sweetie has a favorite book, or there's a book that's meaningful to you that you've been wanting to share with your partner. Consider buying a special edition copy of that book, whip out a pencil, and take some creative liberty! Jot little notes in the margins, underline your favorite phrases, or simply change the character's names to yours. When your partner reads the book, not only will the story take on a different meaning, they can also feel like they're reading it with you.

While it truly is the thought that counts, spending a little time to create a gift that's unique, thoughtful, and specific to you and your loved one will help make your anniverary truly memorable. So if your partner is a bookworm, a puzzler, or a traveler, hopefully one of these ideas will spark your creativity to get busy coming up with a budget-friendly gift! As someone who loves a good drink, if my honey named a cocktail after me they would certainly be speaking my love language! Cheers!