13 Summer Skincare Products To Keep Your Skin Calm, Cool & Collected

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Say it with me, everybody: New season, new skincare! I know a lot of people struggle to keep their skin from dying out in winter, but summer is the time when my skin needs the most TLC. Between the humid air, the harsh sun, and the salty ocean water, my face and body need all the help they can get, which is why I decided to round up the top 13 summer 2019 skincare products to keep your skin calm, cool, and collected. Need a great body moisturizer? Got you covered. A face mask for post-beach day sunburn blues? Of course. A CBD cream, a serum deodorant, a relaxing balm, and a lip therapy treatment? Betcha didn't see those coming. It might not be the ~sexiest~ haul in the world, but read on for the products worth stocking up on this season to ensure your skin looks and feels incredible.

First up, all the new face mask's in L'Occitane's latest drop are incredible, but the Soothing Mask ($34, is without a doubt the most nourishing mask in my very large collection. Think of this baby as a berry smoothie for the face, thanks to the freshly-picked blackcurrants and the yogurt-like texture. I apply a thick layer and leave it on for about twenty minutes, and when I go to wash my face, I see that my skin has already soaked up almost all the product. At this point, I basically crave this mask when I know my face deserves some TLC.

Some cleansers can be harsh and stripping, so when your skin needs nourishment, you want to reach for a product like the Concur Raw Honey Cleansing Butter ($20, This is another product that sounds good enough to eat, but I swear that's not the theme I'm going for here. Aged raw organic honey and shea butter combine for a rich cleansing experience that leaves skin clean but not raw.

No matter the season, I'll personally never stray from my Mara Algae + Moringa Universal Oil ($72,, and I won't stop recommending it, either. When my skin needs intense hydration, a moisturizer is not enough, so I'll opt for an oil to really quench and nourish. Superfood plant oils moringa, bilberry, baobab, and kalahari melon work together to hydrate, plump, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, so it's safe to say this oil is a must for me all year round.

Lots of late summer nights make it hard to open your eyes in the AM? Maybe that's just me, but hey, that's the price I pay for ~socializing~. I always reach for eye masks either before bed or in the morning when time permits, and the Nuria Hydrate Nourishing Under-Eye Masks ($40, are some of my new favorites. Each pack of 5 sets contains ingredients like rosebay willowherb, nata de coco, and brown algae to hydrate, firm, and lift. Yes, yes, and definitely yes.

Okay, I admit I didn't dive head-first into the CBD craze, but the Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub ($45, really does it for me, so let me wax poetic on a tip to save you many painful summer nights in heels. If, like me, you're feeling extra and decide to suffer through a long night in high heels at the bar, come home and apply this hemp rub all over your feet for instant relief that lasts. I usually sleep with my feet elevated on a pillow to reduce swelling, and by morning I'm ready to put on my heels and go out again. You don't have to use it just on your feet, of course, so feel free to get creative and find out how topical hemp suits you best.

I'm traveling a lot in the summertime, so I want a nourishing, replenishing moisturizer that works for both my face and body. A rare breed. Luckily, the luxe Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré ( does just that, and the creamy formula leaves my skin instantly more supple upon application. When I put this on after the shower, I basically feel like a newborn child. So soft.

Hear me out — are you showing your pits love this summer? Probably not, and I'm here to change that. I used to not think twice about whether or not my deodorant was moisturizing or soothing, but after trying out the Dove Dry Serum Rose Silk Antiperspirant ($11,, I realized my underarms deserved as much TLC as the rest of the skin on my body. The lightweight formula and rosy scent are lovely, and my armpits aren't just sweat-free, they're smooth and soft, too. Who would've thought?

This one's a double whammy: it'll calm your skin and your mind. On stressful summer days, I keep the Vervan Relaxing Balm ($18, front and center on my work desk for easy application. This baby can be used as a body butter, on the lips, or on the face, but I prefer the super calming blend most swiped on both my wrists and just under my nose, so I can smell it right away. A whiff of these essential oils chills me out in seconds, so I can get back to work and wait patiently until my summer Fridays kick in.

Another super soother made specifically for the face is the Farm to Skin Calming Essence ($21, This is a great one for people with inflammation, acne, or irritation or any sort, as the blend of hydrosols works to calm stressed skin immediately. Spritz on a cotton pad or mist directly onto skin for sweet relief.

Don't forget about your lips this summer, people! Those glossy lip looks aren't going to prep themselves! When my pout needs extra nourishment, I swap my nighttime lip balm for the Bite Beauty Agave+ Nighttime Lip Therapy ($22,, which is basically an overnight mask that transforms your lips while you sleep. In the AM, the're softer and more supple than you'd believe.

Would it even be possible to round up summer skincare without shouting out the ultimate hydrator, hyaluronic acid? This season, I'll be working the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel ($83, into my routine for a major moisture boost, as the serum combines HA and vitamin B5 to really penetrate and hydrate skin from within.

This is a skincare article,but the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Universal Hair Balm ($46, can actually be used on the body, too, so I thought I'd shout it out — especially since some of you need to remmeber to keep your hair nourished and hydrated this season, too. Yeah, I'm looking at you. This camellia seed oil cream smells incredible, and it helps to maintain the lipid barrier of the skin, so it doesn't hurt to use as a moisturizer, if you're so inclined. Personally, I use it as my go-to hand cream, and my fingers really reap the benefits.

Last but not least, the key to keeping skin calm, cool and collected is by not burning it in the first place! Post-sun hydration can really help, but be sure you're prepping with a sunscreen on a daily basis, too. The Supergoop! Unseeen Sunscreen SPF 40 ($32, should do the trick, and your skin will love you for it.

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