13 Stunning Photos Of Rustic Barn Weddings That Are Beyond Beautiful

When most people think about the perfect wedding venue, a barn might not be the first place that comes to mind. But if the Instagram receipts are any indication, tying the knot in a barn may actually be as magical as it gets, folks. There really are some absolutely stunning photos of rustic barn weddings that will convince even the staunchest of barn nay-sayers that this rustic backdrop can be tranformed into the whimsical wedding location most people dream about.

Although marriages have long been considered ceremonies of a religious persuasion, times have changed. Making a commitment to spend your life with someone isn't inherently connected to religion, and more and more couples are deciding to forgo the traditional church venue. According to The Telegraph, in the UK alone, only 30 percent of marriages in 2012 occurred in a church — the lowest percentage in recorded history. Sadly, there's no data (as of yet) that proves the other 70 percent of those couples opted for a barn, but, if they'd seen any of these photos, then they probably would've. Here are some of the most spectacular photos of barn weddings that are guaranteed to make you swoon.

Taking woodsy to a whole new level.

There's just something so epic about blending cascading greenery with wood. This setup is enough to make just about anyone cry happy tears.

That billowy fabric, though.
barnweddings on Instagram

Delicate white fabric hanging from the ceiling adds an amazing decadence and drama to an already beautiful space. And can we talk about those minimalist chandeliers? Yes, please.

A barn can also provide a cozy and homey feel.
Rustic White Photography

The simplicity and elegance of this decor is a wonderful addition to the cabin-like warmth this barn exudes.

Rustic Americana all the way!
courtney meili photography

How much wood is too much wood? Apparently, you shouldn't worry about it because the more the merrier. I also love the added character and texture of the mismatching chairs.

A baby-barn will also do.
jamiehardinphotography on Instagram

If an outdoor arrangement is more your style, then please take a hint from this simplistic execution.

Barn + Flowers = Everything
Larissa Cleveland Photography

When in doubt, just order as many floral arrangements as possible and you will be good to go. Just refer to the photo above. You're welcome.

String lights, oh my!
fideliophoto on Instagram

Everyone knows that string lights make everything better. Going camping? Pack the string lights. Decorating your college dorm? You're definitely going to need some string lights. Getting married? Yep, you guessed it: String lights.

We need to talk about these plant and fabric hanging beauties.
Tyfrench Photo

At first glance, these hanging decorations reminded me of angels. Combined with distressed wood and dreamy lighting, I'm kind of starting to think that barns are the future of all things beautiful.

Also, they're spacious AF.
Jess Soper

If you're already panicking about the growing guest list, the good news is that most barns are huge.

Magical with a capital "M".
laurenhardyphotography on Instagram

If keeping things to a minimum is the goal, another cool thing about these types of spaces is that they have so much character on their own. Sure, fancy lighting and decorations can be nice, but there's also something to be said for letting a beautiful building with history speak for itself.

Hello, gorgeous.
rebeccadouglasphotography on Instagram

Another day, another barn wedding to lust after. I'm really starting to think even a wedding in a barn full of animals would be lit.

The beauty is unreal.
arielle peters

So much beautiful, natural light here!

This mood is everything.
With Love & Embers

How can something be so glam but so warm and cozy at the same time? I could go on an on about my newfound love of barn wedding inspiration photos, but I think I've proved my point. If channeling the perfect blend of rustic charm and vintage flair is your goal, then you might want to phone the nearest farm, because you're definitely going to need a barn for your wedding day.