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13 Spooky Engagement Rings You’ll Hallo-Scream For This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be finalizing your costume, putting the finishing touches on the epic party you're throwing, or stocking up on three-pound bags of candy. But while you're checking off all the things on your pre-Halloween to-do list, maybe someone else out there is planning one of the biggest nights of their life — their engagement! As bizarre as it may seem, Halloween proposals can totally be a thing, despite it being the sp00ooo0kiest night of the year. And with spooky proposals come spooky engagement rings, which are surprisingly really impressive.

Cuffing season isn't the only season approaching, you guys. We're also on the cusp of engagement season, which if you think about it, totally makes sense. People are cuddling up for the season, there are tons of decorations left and right to set the perfect backdrop for when one of you pops the question, and people have time off for the holidays. There are plenty of good vibes to go around in the next few months that can put people in a super lovey-dovey mood, and that's not all. According to WeddingWire, almost 40 percent of engagements take place between November and February. Getting engaged on All Hallows' Eve isn't totally out there, if you think about it. (Especially for couples who love all things spooky.) If you're thinking about getting down on one knee this Oct. 31, or you're looking for spooky ring inspo to send a bae who just doesn't comprehend your non-traditional taste in jewelry, feast your eyes on these boo-tiful rings.

1A Hint Of Spooky And A Whole Lot Of Classy

Blossom Bridal 14K Rose Gold Blue Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring

Robbins Brothers

With a gorgeous dark blue sapphire surrounded by a rose gold band and two diamonds, this engagement ring is the perfect combination of slightly spooky and extremely classic.

2You'll Be So Lost In This Ring, You May As Well Be In Outer Space

Spaced Out in Love Ring – Yellow Gold

Marrow Fine

If you want to propose to your sweetheart with a mildly spooky, yet still a little mysterious ring, this spaced out one is for you. The big black diamond gives you the perfect amount of Halloween oomf, while also keeping it classy with Montana sapphires and a small white diamond.

3Garnet For You, And For Your Honey, Too

Two Carat Garnet Engagement Ring Set, Certified Handmade


If you and bae have always talked about having a unique engagement ring to match your unique relationship, this two-carat garnet ring on a black gold band, decorated with diamonds all around, is the way to go.

4Rose Gold, Black Onyx, And Diamonds Are All A Girl's Best Friend, Right?

Rose Gold Oval Black Onyx and Diamonds Bezel Crescent Sunrays Wedding Set


Why settle for diamonds when you can have rose gold, black onyx, and diamonds all at once? This ring has it all, and it's absolutely stunning to look at.

5Dark, Light, And Everything Nice

14K Black Gold 3.0 Ct Amethyst Diamond Floral Engagement Ring


Nothing says spooky like a black wedding band, but if you think that's a bit too much, adding the bright amethyst lessens the intensity.

6For A Person Who Can Appreciate Art And Wear It On Their Finger

Gold Flower Engagement Ring Art Nouveau


With a single emerald in the middle, surrounded by two white gold flowers, and smaller diamonds all around, this ring is one-of-a-kind for a one-of-a-kind person. And these flowers never die.

7If Ever There Was A Poster Child For A Bold Engagement Ring, It Would Be This One

Emerald Cut Black Diamond Victorian Engagement Ring


Want to make a statement every time you leave the house? A bold, Victorian style is for you! Seriously, who wouldn't feel like a bad*ss wearing this bad boy? It's stunning.

8Do People Still Say "Dark As My Soul"? Because This Ring Totally Would Be

14K Black Gold 3.0 Ct Black Onyx Cobra Engagement Ring


With snakes decorating both sides of the band, a ring doesn't get more unique than this. If bae is into all things dark and twisty, this is the perfect ring for them.

9This Two-Tone Antique Ring Is Ideal For Someone Who Can Appreciate Vintage

Garnet Engagement Ring In Two-Tone Antiqued Black White and European Yellow Gold.


This two-tone ring was crafted to capture the time in which an actress is holding her pose as the curtain rises, the designers wrote. So, if your partner is the star of your life, or if this sounds like you, you're going to want to get your hands on this.

10Infinity Hearts For An Infinite Love

Jack and Sally Infinity Heart Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring


Nothing says "forever" more than infinity. If you're looking for a ring that tells your sweetheart exactly how you're planning forever with them with a more unique touch on an engagement ring, this Jack and Sally ring should be your go-to.

11Why Settle For One Skull When You Can Have Two More On Your Finger?

Till Death Do Us Part - Black Diamond Engagement Ring


This ring is the spookiest of the spooky. If you and bae are all for the gothic, eerie vibe, this is the ring for you. It's beautiful, and the two skulls holding up the diamond seem almost poetic, kind of like saying, "I'll hold you when you need me to."

12For When You Want A Touch Of Color

Black Gold Skeleton Ruby Engagement Ring Set


If you're looking for dark and twisty with a hint of bright and colorful, this black gold skeleton ruby engagement set is here for you.

13The Detailing On This Heart Diamond Ring Is Just Incredible

Dia De Los Muertos Black Rose Skull Heart Diamond Engagement Ring


For those who appreciate intense detail in any and every aspect of their lives, this ring is ideal. Every inch of it is covered in some sort of design, and it all comes together so admirably. Not to mention, it has a very cute heart-shaped diamond.

One thing to keep in mind about the black-banded rings is that they're coated with black rhodium, which wears off over time. When it begins to wear off, you can get it touched up an unlimited amount of times or simply embrace the vintage-y look that will develop. As for all the other rings, if you find yourself thinking your partner will love any of of them, don't let the spooky aspect keep you from choosing the perfect one for bae. They're going to love it regardless. Happy engagement season, y'all! Spook away!

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