5 Scary-Good Halloween Proposal Ideas That'll Make For A Wicked Engagement

by Alison Segel

If my future husband tries to propose to me via a Jumbotron at a sports game, I will kill myself. I need something way more low-key, unique, and alternative than that. And that is where Halloween proposal ideas comes into play. I mean, Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie, fall is my favorite season, and Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I can't think of a better time or place to become engaged than on Oct. 31. So, future husband, who might be reading this, please propose to me on Halloween.

I have seen some pretty awful proposals in my lifetime. Once, I was at my friend's wedding, and her brother proposed to his girlfriend during his wedding speech! Talk about trying to make the day about yourself.

So you can hopefully avoid a disaster proposal, Tracey Lyles, director of social media and public relations at Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store, for some fang-tastic (LOL) offers some Halloween proposal ideas that'll make for a wicked-good engagement. Because when it comes to getting married, you should think outside the box... or pumpkin.

1. Propose While You Carve Pumpkins

Despite it being messy and surprisingly hard work, who doesn't love carving pumpkins?

"A great way to pop the question is to incorporate it into your yearly pumpkin carving. This can be done by you and your special someone or in a carving contest amongst many, including your closest friends and family," says Lyles. "On the big reveal, turn your pumpkin to face your future fiancé(e) so he/she can read, 'Marry Me?' I think it’s safe to say that you would be the contest winner."

Just make sure your boo doesn't sneak a peak mid-carving.

2. Propose While Trick Or Treating

Hi, hello, welcome to my dream engagement.

"Halloween brings the kid out in all of us, so planning a date night to trick or treat on Halloween is the perfect way to surprise your significant other. Before the evening begins, give the ring to someone that your partner will least expect and someone you trust to keep it safe," Lyles explains. "After you set up the proposal, proceed to trick or treat, ending up at this person’s home. When the unsuspected ring bearer answers the door, and you both say, 'Trick or treat?” have the person hand them the ring. When they turn to you for an explanation, they will see you poised, down on one knee, waiting for their answer.


3. Propose Using Halloween Candy

Have a sweet tooth? Well, why not show your sweetie that you're sweet on them by proposing using... sweets. Sorry.

"[Spell] out 'Will you marry me?' in candy corn. This is a great way to keep it traditional," says Lyles. Another great idea? "Ring Pops. [Use] the candy diamond as the ring when you propose. What could be more fitting for popping the question?"

But FYI, if you propose to me with a Ring Pop, you'd best have a real ring handy somewhere, too.

4. Propose In Costume

If you use role play in the bedroom, why not use it while proposing, too? "If your goal is to surprise your significant other on Halloween, then use costumes to your advantage," Lyles explains. "For example, a maiden and a knight in shining armor, Lady and the Tramp, a prince and a princess, a famous couple through history, etc. are all couples costumes that will help keep with the theme."

Just maybe don't propose to the love of your life while dressed like Freddy Kreuger or something.

5. Propose In A Corn Maze

Just try not to get lost. But seriously, this sounds like an a-maze-ing (ha ha ha) idea.

If you and your partner love being spooked, a creative way to pop the question is going through a corn maze together. Prior to going through the maze, you could work with the company to set up photos and memories of your relationship at different points of the maze, so as you’re going through, you can reflect on all of the amazing times you’ve had together," says Lyles. "After you survive the maze, you can have an area set up and have a sign that says, 'We maze’d it, will you marry me?” They'll be so focused on getting through the maze, they’ll never see it coming!"

So if you're looking for some alternative proposal ideas, then these might be the ones for you. I mean, could you say no to a trick or treater who hands you a diamond ring? I don't think so.

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