13 Halloween Decorations From Target With 5-Star Ratings That You Need This Season

Target is my go-to store for pretty much everything, and Halloween just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays. So, you can only imagine the joy that filled my candy corn-shaped heart the day I walked into Target and saw all of their new seasonal decor. The aisles of bulk candy bags with every assortment you could imagine is pristine, but what truly gets me in the mood for this spooky time of year is seeing Halloween decorations from Target with five-star ratings that'll turn any apartment into a haunted mansion.

If you and your roomies are looking to get in the holiday spirit by decorating your space, Target is the way to go. Not only does everything on this list have a high rating, but it's all under $20, so you won't have to break the bank to get in the spirit. You could also take these decorations into work with you, and have your desk looking spooktacular in no time.

This isn't just a list of fake spiderwebs and plastic skulls, either. Oh no, these 13 items from Target are super cute and totally take the Halloween game up to a trendy level. I'd even say that pretty soon, you'll have the most Instagram-worthy haunted house on the block, and if you've got it, haunt it.

1This Metallic Studded Pumpkin Is Looking Sharp

Medium Halloween Metallic Studded Pumpkin Black


Pumpkins are a must when it comes to Halloween decor, but this isn't just any old pumpkin. This pumpkin is giving off some major punk rock vibes, while also looking cute AF. Who knew that with some black paint and metallic studs, you could turn any pumpkin into the most glam rock gourd you'd ever seen?

2With This Seasonal Wreath, Your Haunted House Will Be Blooming

Halloween Floral Felt Wreath


With orange and yellow flowers, this decoration is just Halloween-esque enough without being too in your face. It'll look super cute on your dorm room door to let everyone on the floor know that your room is blooming with seasonal vibes.

3This Geometric Pumpkin Is Totally Gourdgeous

Large Etched Design Halloween Pumpkin Cream


Add this cream-colored pumpkin to your patch. You can use it as a centerpiece on your dinner table, surrounded by purple lights and cobwebs for an extra spooky look. The best part is, you can add this pumpkin to your Thanksgiving table decor as well. (It's a win-win!)

4Bring On The Fun With This Animated Pumpkin Cloche

Halloween Animated Pumpkin Cloche


How sweet is this cloche for your bookshelf or windowsill? This is the perfect combination of spooky and cute that'll give your guests pumpkin' to talk about. (And according to one of the reviews, it plays Halloween music!)

5This Apothecary Jar Was Made For You And Your Fellow Witches

Small Halloween Apothecary Jar Purple


Calling all my witches! You'll want to add this apothecary jar to your Halloween collection. The purple decoration will look absolutely brewtiful on your shelf amongst fairy lights and velvet pumpkins.

6Get Lit With This Spooky LED Candlestick

Halloween 13'' Battery Operated LED Candlestick


As it begins to get darker earlier, you'll definitely want some spooky lights to brighten up your October nights. Of course, purple string lights are obvious, but these candlesticks are right on theme. Unlike regular candles, these LEDs will last you all holiday long.

7With This Sign, You'll Know Witch Way To The Halloween Fun

Halloween Pumpkin Arrows Tabletop Sign


Let this sign be your guide as you navigate the Halloween season. It's small enough to fit on any tabletop you have, or post it up in the window for trick-or-treaters to see as they pass by.

8Carve Out Some Room For These Cute Glittery Pumpkins

Small Harvest Pumpkins Glitter 8ct


You had me at glitter. You really can't have too many pumpkins, so when you see adorable glittery ones, you know you need to add them to your collection ASAP. They're cute and small enough to go just about anywhere in your home. You can either spread them out in every room, or keep them all together like your very own sparkly pumpkin patch.

9You're Fated To Have This Halloween Wheel In Your Home

Halloween Animated Wheel of Fortune


Out of all the decor on this list, this one will probably give you the most fun. You and your friends can take turns spinning the wheel of fate to see how your All Hallows' Eve will end. Hopefully "treats will be yours," and you won't have to "watch your back."

10This Bat Is Ready To Party All Night Long

Halloween Light Up Bat Table Decor Purple


Neon signs are always a good idea. If it's purple, I'm sold — so you know I'm adding this neon light to my Halloween decor. I I hope every time you turn on this bat light, instead of Batman appearing, you get tons of Halloween candy.

11Let These Spider Lights Dangle All Over

25Ct Halloween Incandescent Spider Icicle Lights Clear/Purple


You've probably been looking for spooky string lights to spruce up your walls this season, so why not opt for these spider icicles? They're cute and colorful — and the only spiders that are welcome in your room.

12Keep Time With This Halloween Hour Glass

Halloween Hand Hour Glass


Not only is this hour glass spooky AF, but it can also double as the time keeper when you're playing Halloween games. Invite the squad over for a night in watching 'Hocus Pocus' and eating all the candy corn. Play a round of Halloween charades and use this creepy hour glass to keep time each round.

13This Pumpkin Vase Is Too Cute For Words

Halloween Pumpkin Succulent Orange


Get into the Halloween spirit by welcoming this pumpkin succulent into your home. It'll bring a vibrant pop of color to your dinner table, and will also be cute for Thanksgiving.