12 Things You're Honest About With A True Best Friend, No Matter What

Guille Faingold, Stocksy

When it comes to your best friend, you know her better than anyone else. Your relationship is on another level, and that's because you tell each other everything — and I mean everything. From the embarrassing stories to the secret crushes, you know you can confide in your BFF whenever you have something to get off your chest. There's even a list of things you're honest about with a true best friend, and no one else.

The reason why you feel so comfortable telling her the 411 on it all is that you know that no matter how juicy the gossip is, she would never tell a single soul. She's like a secret bank with the toughest security that even the Ocean's Eleven crew couldn't break into.

On top of telling her everything, you trust that your BFF is completely honest with you as well. In fact, there are only a few people in the world who can be brutally honest with you, and you appreciate it. I know that when I have lipstick on my teeth, I expect my best friend to tell me, and when I'm in denial about a crush that's not the best match for me, she's able to bring me to my senses. That's what best friends are for, and you could honestly thank her for every single one of these 12 things you feel comfortable telling her.

When You've Had An Exhausting Work Week And Need To Bail On Plans

There's nothing I understand more than having an exhausting week, and wanting to stay in and chill on a Friday night. However, you may have plans with your crew, and you're not sure being tired is a good enough excuse to bail.

That's where your BFF comes in. You always feel comfortable confiding in her, and know she won't judge you for it. She also has your back when you need to ditch.

When You Think You Might Be Crushing On Someone New

Having a new crush is so exciting, however, you're not ready to tell the world quite yet — especially your crush — how you feel. Thankfully, you've told your BFF your secret crushes since grade school, and don't plan on stopping now.

When You’re Dealing With That Time Of The Month
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Don't even get me started on the #drama that ensues once a month when I'm on my period. I'm hangry and sore all over. That's why it's so nice to be able to confide in my bestie who can help me through it all with sympathy and chocolate.

How You Really Feel About Their SO
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You only want the best for your best friend. When you have some reservations about their new bae, you're brutally honest. You're the toughest critic, only because you care the most.

Where You Actually Want To Go For Brunch

You may be refraining from sharing your brunch suggestions with the entire crew because you're the only objector to the local go-to spot. You just want to try something new, but you don't want to be the only one. Telling your BFF means she'll back you up, and if she wants to check out someplace new another weekend, you'll obviously have her back, too.

The Struggles Of Adulting

You don't want to be that person who complains about laundry and having to do your dishes on the regular, but adulting can be hard AF at times. You also may be a little confused about your taxes or some of the terms on the lease for a new apartment. Though, when you're completely lost and embarrassed to admit it, you confide in your BFF who will likely say "same," and try to help you out.

When The Homesickness Hits You
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Homesickness can be so real. However, missing your hometown and family may not necessarily be the best conversation for when you're out at the bar with your group on a Friday night. When it's just you and your bestie together, though, you can let her know how you truly feel.

Your Favorite Songs To Sing To When You’re Alone
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We all have those songs we blast when we think no one is listening. I'll admit that I still jam out to the mix CDs from high school that are in my car. On Spotify, I try to look cool with the latest pop songs, but when I'm alone, my best friend knows I'm belting out songs from Camp Rock.

The Real Reason You’re Running Late

I'm guilty of being late for everything. I blame L.A. Well, I blame a lot of things, but it's only my best friend who knows that I was late to brunch, yet again, because I just didn't have the energy to get out of bed on a Sunday.

When She Has Something In Her Teeth
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You have to be honest with your best friend when she has something in her teeth. It's what they teach you in best friend 101. You know exactly how to tell her without making it a big deal, so she can get the spinach out smoothly and continue on like nothing was ever there.

Your Biggest Fear

Snakes are my biggest fear, but not my only one. You feel totally comfortable admitting the things you're most afraid of to your besties, because you know they'll help you conquer them.

When You're Feeling Blue And Need A Friend

When work, a relationship, or life in general gets tough, that's when you need your best friend the most. When I lost my dad, my best friends were the first ones I felt comfortable opening up to about how I was really feeling. They picked me right up, and I'm forever grateful for that.