9 Secrets You Know About Your Best Friend That Make Her Your Ride Or Die For Life

When it comes to your bestie's deepest secrets, you've mastered the art of keeping things hush-hush. It's what makes your relationship so strong, because your girl can trust you with literally anything. The secrets you know about your best friend are likely the same ones she knows about you. Why? Because what good is a best friendship if you don't feel comfortable revealing those juicy secrets about yourself? Besides, keeping a secret to yourself is no fun at all, and you need someone to talk to about them (even if they are extremely embarrassing).

Being able to openly talk about these confidential portions of each other's lives is a surefire sign that the two of you are sticking together for the long-haul. These secrets aren't all serious, either, and they are at the center of a handful of your best inside jokes. They're in the past, and thankfully, you guys can laugh about a couple of them. Remember, this is your BFF we're talking about here, so neither of you should have to hide where you've been, where you're at, or where you want to be. These nine secrets you know about your bestie prove she's your ride or die for life.

1. The One Thing She Fears The Most


Does your bestie repel everything that has to do with clowns or small spaces? You know about it. In fact, you try to help her avoid these things at all costs, if you can.

2. Where She Really Went When She Canceled Plans With Your Friend Group


Your bestie isn't one to cancels plans with you on the regular. So, when she ditched plans to go to the movies with you and your friend group, she gave you the tea about where she went instead. You don't take it personally, because that date story is going to be so worth hearing about later.

3. Any Surprises She Has For Family, Friends, And Her SO


Is your BFF planning a dope surprise party for her SO or a sibling? You've known about it since the idea popped into her head. You actually remember that goofy smile that spread across her face when she started plotting her game plan.

4. Those Cringe-Worthy Childhood Stories


You know all about that horrific first kiss on the playground, and that eight grade sleepover she wishes she could forget. You love hearing about your girl when she was younger, because the past is what makes her who she is today.

5. The One Place She's Going To If She Wants To Be Off The Grid


Your best friend has that one secret place she likes to escape to when she doesn't want to be bothered and needs to recharge. She's probably taken you there once or twice. When everyone else can't seem the track her down, you know exactly where to go.

6. Her Guilty Pleasure


Is your girl passionate about something that might make other people tilt and scratch their heads? It's not common, but neither is your girl, so you keep her guilty pleasure to yourself. When she's ready to reveal it to everyone else, she will. Until then, your lips are sealed.

7. The Real Reason She Can't Stand That One Person


Your best friend doesn't usually dislike someone for no reason whatsoever. When she finally told you why she doesn't like this person, you totally understood why. (To be honest, it's hard for you to fully like them now, too.)

8. How Often She Checks Her Ex's Social Media Account


No one likes to admit that they creep on people from their past through social media, but it happens to the best of us. You can count on your girl to share the details on what her ex is up to now.

9. Where She Hides The Spare Key To Her Place


You and your bestie have mandatory Wine Wednesdays. Whenever she's running late, she expects you to get the key from her secret hiding spot, and start pouring the wine for when she gets back. This also comes in handy for emergencies and bestie vent sessions.

Normally, building a life around secrets can be so complicated. In a bestie relationship, well-kept secrets are what make the friendship indestructible.