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12 Texts To Send Your Date Or Match After Your Conversation Fizzled Out

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You start typing out a new text to the cute guy you matched with on Tinder, or the cool girl you've been on two dates with. Before you hit send, you give it a read, and decide you don't like the wording. You change it again and again. First, it sounds too formal — next, it's too long. Sounds familiar, right? Figuring out what to text when the conversation has died out can be pretty tricky. You're not totally strangers, but casual chit-chat at this stage isn't guaranteed to be as seamless as spreading butter on a hot piece of toast.

Texting with someone you don't know very well can be extra stressful because you haven't quite picked up on each other's communication style and quirks, but the stakes feel high — you're curious to see if there's relationship potential between you two. So, if your conversation feels bumpy, don't worry. That's only natural at this stage.

If you want to keep talking to your date or match, but the topic of your discussion has seemingly run its course, you can count on these texts to get you back into it — and maybe out on a date soon.

Turn To Pop Culture

Did they mention a TV show or a song they really loved during Consider using that to strike up a conversation again.

1. "You were right, I finally caught up on the new season of The Crown and it was amazing. Thanks for the recommendation!"

2. "OK, Lover wasn’t that bad, I have to admit."

3. "Just finished Marriage Story. No, I am not OK."

Use Your Work

Whether it’s telling them about something funny that happened at the office, or complaining about a particularly bad work day, your professional life can provide tons of conversation starters.

4. “Wow, nothing quite hurts as much as spending money on a lunch you end up disliking.”

5. "If you could close your eyes and teleport to any place from your desk, where would that be? I'm thinking a sandy beach in Fiji."

6. "Happy to announce that I survived the meeting. How about you?"

Do A Check-In

Did they predict they'd have a terrible commute home? Maybe they told you how much they were dreading going to the gym that evening. Think about the information they provided and use it as a “checking in” text.

7. "So, how was the gym? Or did you end up marathoning The Office instead?"

8. "Did the Sunday blues end up getting to ya?"

9. "Did the meal-prep have any kitchen appliance casualties this time?"

Random Questions Are Equally Welcome

But forget about context for a second. Who says you can't just send a regular, out-of-nowhere text with a quirky question?

10. “I feel like if someone had to play you in a movie, it would be Noah Centineo. Who would you want to play you?"

11. “What should I buy at this bookstore I'm currently at?"

12. "What's your go-to karaoke song? I'm all out of options and my turn's coming up.”

There are a number of foolproof ways to put fire back into you and your date's conversation. All you really need is some courage. If you want to talk to them, don't wait to hear from them — just go for it. For all you know, they're constantly checking their phone, hoping the same thing happens.

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