12 Items Under $20 That Will Completely Change How You Sleep

by Caroline Burke
Urban Outfitters/Amazon

Sleep is bae. Nothing feels better than plopping on your bed at the end of a long day, but somehow, your brain often can't turn off when you need it to. Before you know it, you're stuck in this vicious cycle where you're increasingly tired from lack of sleep, but you never catch up, and suddenly, you haven't had a full night's sleep in months. As much as you want to improve your shut-eye, you don't exactly have the money for a fancy mattress or thousand-thread-count sheets. Fortunately, I've got you covered with products under $20 that help you sleep.

The most important things to consider when you're falling asleep have to do with light, temperature, and stimulation. The less stimulated you are (ahem, put that phone screen away), the darker it is in your bedroom, and the more comfortable your room temperature (think around 68 degrees Fahrenheit), the better off you are for a long, satisfying night's sleep. There are tons of amazing products to help you achieve this ideal sleep environment, and plenty of them won't destroy your monthly budget, either.

Improving your restfulness can be complicated, but sometimes, all it takes is a new pair of curtains. Here are 12 products under $20 that will revolutionize your nightly routine.

A White Noise Machine To Cancel Out The Mental Chatter
Big Red Rooster

Big Red Rooster Sound Machine, $19.99, Amazon

There are two types of people in this world: those who prefer a totally silent room, and those who need a little white noise for comfort. A quality noise machine is an awesome investment for anyone who finds tree frogs or ocean waves more comforting than the sound of their own breathing.

An Eye Mask That's Comfy AF

Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask, $14.99, Amazon

If your room doesn't get very dark, or you're a particularly light sleeper, investing in a super soft, super comfy eye mask is a great way to decrease stimulation and force you to focus on falling asleep, rather than reaching for your phone as soon as it lights up with a new notification.

A Diffuser That Bathes Your Bedroom In Sleepy Scents

KBAYBO Humidifier Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, $12.99, Amazon

I recently bought a humidifier for my bedroom, and it is hands-down my favorite part of my nightly routine. I like to add a few drops of lavender essential oil so my room is filled with an amazing, soothing scent, and I never wake up with a scratchy throat anymore. This KBAYBO humidifier is an awesome, chic piece of decoration for any room.

Melatonin Gummies To Snack On Before Bed
Nature Made

Adult Melatonin Gummies, $15, Nature Made

OK, any excuse I can find to eat a gummy is a good excuse for me. I'd eat these even if they had no benefit besides sugar, so it's an added bonus that these little gummies help you fall asleep.

The hardest thing about melatonin gummies is that you only have to take one a day to get your proper dosage of melatonin, but if you take two, I won't say anything.

A Mouth Guard If You Spend Your Snooze Grinding Your Teeth

ProDental Teeth Grinding Night Guard, $18.97, Amazon

My boyfriend tells me almost daily that I spent the whole night grinding my teeth, so I finally caved and got one of those night guards that I found kind of embarrassing at first. Plot twist: It totally increased the quality of my sleep, and it made me feel more well-rested (and less tense) when I woke up.

A Pretty Himalayan Salt Lamp For Perfectly Calm, Sleepy Vibes
Urban Outfitters

Himalayan Salt Lamp, $34, Urban Outfitters

Looking for a more subtle, relaxing way to light up your room than a creepy fluorescent bulb? A salt lamp is the ultimate way to set every mood you could ask for; it's relaxing, soothing, and just plain pretty to look at.

A Pair Of Ear Plugs For Peaceful Silence
Adept Sound

Adept Sound Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs, $16.95, Amazon

A great set of ear plugs is the perfect way to solve the whole "my partner snores like a bear" issue, or "my neighbor does a cardio workout tape at 6 a.m. every day" problem.

The comfier your ear plugs are, the more likely you are to sleep throughout the night without feeling sore.

Blackout Curtains If The Sun Always Wakes You Up Before Your Alarm

Set Of 2 Sateen Twill Weave Insulated Blackout Grommet Top Window Curtain Panels, $19.59, Target

If your curtains are letting through all sorts of light at hours earlier than you want or need, it's time to up your curtain game. Investing in light-blocking curtains is a great way to ensure you'll get as much shut-eye as you need, regardless of what direction your window faces.

Decaffeinated Tea For A Relaxing Nightcap
Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Decaf Blackberry Pomegranate Tea, $9.97, Amazon

Having a hot mug of tea is one of the easiest (and least expensive) ways to decompress after a long day. Plus, green tea has soothing properties to relax you, while also supporting your cardiovascular and mental health along the way — triple win.

A Knee Pillow For Maximum Comfort
Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow, $19.95, Amazon

Do you always sleep on your side? If you've never thrown a knee pillow into the equation, you might want to take one for a spin. Knee pillows will make you feel like you're living in the lap of luxury. They're also great for circulation, and they can even prevent soreness and arthritis. Trust me, once you try it, you'll never want to sleep without one again.

Lavender Essential Oil, Because It's The GOAT

Naturenics Lavender Essential Oil, $19.99, Amazon

Out of all of the essential oils, lavender is known for being especially relaxing. Dabbing some lavender oil behind your ears, on your wrists, or even spraying your pillow with some essential oil mist are all great ways to relax your mind and help you slip into deep sleep ASAP.

A Buttery Body Lotion For The Best Kind Of Self-Care Before Bed
Lush Cosmetics

Sleepy Body Lotion, $9.95, Lush Cosmetics

This body lotion harnesses the sleepy power of lavender to give you a decadent, sweet-smelling lotion that will lull you to sleep after you've taken a nice, hot shower. It's the perfect way to treat yourself every night without spending extra cash daily.

Sweet dreams, everyone!