12 Pictures Of Golden Retriever Puppies To Instantly Brighten Up Your Day

Leah Flores/Bo Bo/Stocksy

Puppies, please! When it's halfway through the week, we all need a bit of a pick-me-up. The weekend is starting to get closer, and we're looking forward to some quality time spent with our pals. Now, I don't necessarily mean hitting up the bars with our besties, or spending a day wandering around the city. I mean some serious cuddle sessions and squeezing in naps between Netflix episodes with our oh-so perfect pups. We love our friends, but our fluff takes priority sometimes. Sorry, not sorry. Maybe you're having a bad day, or just need some cuteness in your life. These pictures of golden retriever puppies will surely make everything a bit brighter.

They're like little rays of sunshine, and always down to play. Life is all about balance, and so throwing the ball for awhile when you're on your lunch break at work isn't so bad. I hope you at least settle for scrolling through a camera roll of something so adorable while eating your sandwich. These pups deserve some attention, and you probably appreciate their effortless ability to make you smile just the same.

Golden retrievers, in particular, are always down to hang around. They make for some of the best companions, and probably the cutest ones, too. If you're lucky enough to have one yourself, you know that there's no shortage of loyalty in this relationship. These pictures might not even do these pups justice, but we'll work with what we got.

Starting Off Small
ryprior on Twitter

Bruce is a big name for a pup, but I have no doubt he'll grow into it. After all, he's just a baby!

The world always needs more puppies, and I think we can say it's been a good week or so, purely because this little fluff now exists. Right now, he's probably dreaming of all the games of fetch he'll play in his lifetime. Definitely too many to count just on those little paws.

Winner For Best Dressed
jenniroyston on Twitter

In my opinion, dogs are the best companions — but did you also know they're the best dressed? Chasing after the ball just wasn't enough, so this pup here is taking his skills to new heights and dazzling in the fashion department. It's like that Charlie Brown Halloween special where Snoopy becomes a pilot for a bit with Woodstock. Anything is possible really if you dream big enough. This pup is on his way to red carpet fame.

Stay Golden
syd_sixty on Twitter

Once you go golden, I don't think you ever go back. This pup looks like he has such an adorable spirit. Maybe that's where this breed gets their name — from their effortless ability to be the definition of a dog and in an oh-so-sunny state of mind. If you need your week to be a bit brighter, this puppy boy will seriously make it golden.

Nothing To See Here
shelbikrankin on Twitter

Alright, the secrets are out. Sometimes we use our besties for their pools — and their puppies. We love our friends, but when there's a dog in the picture, too. Well, that's just the perfect package deal.

You might want to keep an eye out on your golden if your girls are coming over. Odds are, one of them is trying to steal your snuggle buddy away. Can you really blame them, though?

Selfies Are Better With Our Buds
speedyjig on Twitter

We love posting selfies, but put up a picture on Instagram of you and your pup, and you'll see more likes come in than ever before. Dogs are always just so photogenic. I blame it on those big eyes and fluffy fur. The camera on our phones really does have the ability to capture the cuddle from the other side of the screen. The social media world wants to meet all your pets, but we'll start will Molly.

Just More Cuteness
kmitchellauthor on Twitter

No matter how big they get, they'll always be your puppy. You finally understand what your mom meant all these years when she would call you a kid, even though you have been legally able to drive a car or drink for quite some time now. You'll always see your dog as a little fluff — and it's OK, because they probably don't see themselves any differently, either. If anything else, there's more to love and snuggle up with now.

Find My Friends, Puppy Edition
hebdomad on Twitter

We love making new friends, and this pup showed up to the party with an entire crew of golden retrievers. I don't know about you, but that's a squad I really want to be a part of. Even the most introverted dog lovers amongst us can easily be persuaded to get a little social if it means be surrounding by a pack of puppy pals.

The Best Kind Of Delivery
purepilatesatx on Twitter

I'd walk a thousand miles (if not maybe even more), to meet a golden retriever puppy. It's honestly so worth all the gas money and having to sit in some traffic. But, a dog delivery is even better. Sure, this pup is just hiding from all the office chaos. I would be doing that, too — especially if it was a Monday. Next to pups, ordering food to-go and coming home to online shopping surprises is a favorite. This is just combining the best of both worlds.

Can't Have Just One
_denisesampson on Twitter

One golden retriever is never enough. Sure, a pup can be a lot to handle — and if you're new to the pet parenting game, there are definitely some things you should brush up on or be prepared for before diving in head-first. But, once you've gotten used to having one dog in your space, it's so easy to settle into having two. They always say the more the merrier, and that applies to puppy parties, too.

Always Pick Puppies Over Produce
peacebang on Twitter

How about them apples? Mundane chores like grocery shopping and cleaning our apartments would be so much better if there was a dog in the mix. Sure, they could definitely be the ultimate distraction, and we could quite possibly never get anything done. Petting a pup is definitely better than waiting in the deli line for an hour. But, if I worked at this store, I'd surely be asking to clean up this aisle and volunteering as tribute.

Crazy In Love
warpaintbaby_ on Twitter

The best presents include a puppy. It's sort of a dream to wake up Christmas morning and find a little golden retriever with a bow on his head, from bae. Honestly, after that, I don't know if any holiday would ever compare. Getting a new best friend forever is hard to beat, and we'd be oh-so-crazy in love with the puppy and the person who thought to do such a thing.

OK, Just One More
vaporelove on Twitter

OK, so maybe you're tired of scrolling by now. But, I just couldn't help squeezing in one more. This little guy is just happy to be laying in the grass, and spending some quality time with his owner (and now you, too, considering you're on the other side of the screen). His face really says it all, and I cannot deal with the cuteness.

Especially on the bad days, or when the week is starting to feel a little slow, it's essential that we find puppies to brighten everything up. Make that lunch break even better with these adorable retrievers.