12 Important Best Friend Traditions You Should Never Let Fall Flat

You thank your lucky stars, because you don't just have a best friend — you have the forever kind of best friend. The two of you may have been going strong since day one. And even if you just met your bestie over the past few years, you still have a ton of inside jokes, hilarious stories, and important best friend traditions you never let fall flat.

If you and your best friend grew up together, you may be living in different places now because of school or your career. And as much as you'd love to buy a big mansion and live close forever, adulthood is calling. But no matter where life takes you, you shouldn't let the distance or daily responsibilities keep you from staying super close.

One way to help close the gap is by keeping these 12 best friend traditions going strong. From wishing each other a proper happy birthday to going on summer trips together, these are the things you and your bestie may have already started doing together. Now, you just need to make sure you put in the extra effort to keep them alive and well. It's a great way to ensure you have some quality time carved out with your favorite person throughout the year.

Sending Birthday Cards To Each Other

Even if you can't be there to give your bestie a big hug and slice of cake for their birthday, you can send them a hilarious card. It may seem like a simple gesture, but snail mail goes a long way nowadays. Plus, you love picking out the perfect card to make your BFF laugh the loudest.

Exchanging Little Gifts For Holidays And Birthdays

You may not be able to spend every holiday together, but you and your bestie can still exchange little gifts. You probably even have your bestie's address saved in your Amazon account, so it's really easy to send something whenever it's Christmas, their birthday, or just because you're thinking of them.

Going On Coffee Dates To Catch Up

Your favorite part of any BFF date is getting the 411 on everything going on in their life. You want to hear all about who they're crushing on, the annoying coworkers, and the hilariously embarrassing stories from Saturday night. If coffee dates are where you like to dish, make sure you put at least one on the books when you're together.

Picking Out Your Birthday Outfits Together

You don't trust just anyone's opinion when it comes to fashion — which is exactly why you always need to consult your BFF when picking out the perfect party ensemble. Don't let this sweet tradition fall flat, even if you're reaching out to your friend via text or FaceTime.

Being The First One To Wish Your Bestie A Happy New Year

When the clock strikes midnight, the first person you text to wish a happy new year is your BFF. If you can't be there together, at least have your phone ready to send that text ASAP. It not only reminds them that you're thinking of them, but starts another year of being BFFs off on the right foot.

Going To A Concert Or Music Festival Together

Concerts and music festivals are so much better when you have your BFF by your side. You can dance around, take the cutest pics, enjoy the vibes, and sing (or scream) at the top of your lungs like no one else is watching.

Waiting To Watch Major Movies Together

Whether it's a juicy rom-com or big summer blockbuster, there's always at least one movie you and your bestie are looking forward to seeing. Make sure to plan a movie date night so you can watch it together.

Watching The Same TV Shows Together

Growing up, you and your BFF may have watched Gossip Girl or Gilmore Girls together every week. You had viewing parties for new episodes, and waited longingly for each season to premiere. Now, you can continue the TV watching tradition by choosing new shows to watch together.

Going On A Summer Getaway

A summer tradition you look forward to every year might be planning a getaway with your bestie. Whether it's an epic road trip, tropical vacay, or simply having a staycation, you need to keep this tradition alive. Plus, a lot of the fun will come from the planning process.

Giving Each Other Valentines

Valentine's Day is all about showing the people you love most just how much you care. Even if you can't be together with your best friend to enjoy the Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day festivities, you can still send something special their way like a sweet card, flowers, or chocolate.

Sharing Playlists With Each Other

Growing up, you and your bestie used to hear new artists and singles whenever you'd ride around in the car together. Keep the sharing going by creating Spotify playlists for each other every month.

Always Being There For Each Other

True best friends are there through the good times, but they'll also be right by your side during the rough ones. When your friend is having a bad day at work, you know just what kind of ice cream to show up at their place with. You'll never stop being there for each other.