My Long-Distance BFF & I Swear Doing These 10 Things Keeps Us Close

Being long-distance from your bestie may sound difficult AF, but I believe it's possible to maintain a strong friendship no matter where you both live. I moved from Florida to New York, and then to LA, so I have a lot of friends throughout the country. I try to keep in contact with as many as possible, but the strongest of all my long-distance relationships is the one I have with my best friend. We've kept close over 10 years of not living in the same state, and it's because there are long-distance friendship rules my best friend and I live by.

My bestie Adam and I met in high school and immediately clicked. I knew I found my long-lost twin. We had the same love for Disney, danced around in public together, and had joint birthday parties. He's always felt like family to me, which makes him the forever type of friend.

You can't let something like the miles between you and your best friend diminish something so special. That's why my bestie and I have made the extra effort with these 10 long-distance friendship rules. (Of course, we've never really put these rules down on paper, but they are the golden rules we live by.) I can guarantee you they work, because Adam is still the PB to my J, and I'm never letting go of my person.

Make Time To See Each Other At Least Once A Year
Rachel Chapman

Even if it's just a weekend getaway, it's important to schedule time to see each other at least once a year. If you're hometown friends like Adam and I are, holidays are the easiest. I always spend Christmas Eve with Adam's family, so I always have at least that one day to look forward to seeing him.

Keep An Active Text Chain

Texting makes it so easy to stay in constant contact with someone, no matter where you are. It can feel like you're hanging out almost every single day, because you're talking all the time. It's also a fun way to share funny videos, and continue to develop inside jokes.

Call Them Whenever Something Reminds You Of Them

You should always let your bestie know when you're thinking of them, because those are the sweet moments that keep you connected. Anytime I see something funny that reminds me of Adam, I text or call him immediately to tell him about it. He'll do the same for me, and it's an easy way to stay connected, remember funny inside jokes, and open the convo to catch up.

Send Care Packages Whenever You Miss Them

I remember sending Adam care packages all the time throughout college. One time, I sent him pancakes because he missed when we used to eat breakfast together. Of course, they ended up soggy, but it's a story that never fails to make us laugh.

Mail is kind of a lost form of contact, but always makes the receiver feel so loved and appreciated. Even sending a postcard from where you both live now is a great idea.

Keep Them Updated On Your Life
Rachel Chapman

You may think that since your BFF lives long-distance, you don't want to bother them with the little things going on in your life. But, you should always keep them in the know. That's what keeps your bond as strong as it is, after all. I love hearing about my bestie's job, dating life, and just little weekend plans. Reaching out to ask them for little updates shows you care, too.

Remember Important Milestones And Dates

Remembering their birthday, your friendship anniversary, milestones in your friendship, and even National Best Friends Day is key. Schedule time on big days to FaceTime, so it feels like you're hanging out together.

Make Their Birthday Feel Extra Special

Even though you might not be able to be there to celebrate with them, you can still make your best friend's birthday feel really special. Send them a present in the mail or get a box of pretty cupcakes delivered, and call them first thing in the morning to sing "Happy Birthday."

Keep Up With The Same TV Shows

You can feel like you're hanging out together just by watching the same TV shows. If it's a current show, you can call each other every week right after you watch the new episode to recap. If it's a show like The Office or Friends, you can have FaceTime marathon watching parties where you watch at the same time.

Use #TBT To Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Rachel Chapman

Throwback Thursday is one of the greatest days of the week for long-distance best friends. It's the perfect opportunity to post that pic from high school you found in an older album. It'll immediately bring you back to the good old days.

Keep Up With Their Family News

Show your BFF that no matter the distance, they are your number one person by asking about their family. Stay on top of all the scoop. Your bestie's family is like a second family to you, anyway, so you love hearing about how everyone's doing.