9 Things That Remain The Same Between BFFs In Their 20s As They Were In Their Teens

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Your 20s is a pivotal decade in your life. This chapter shapes and defines who you are as an adult. Even though you're growing and embracing your dreams, there are a few things that will never change about you — and one of them is your best friendship. Sure, some friends may come and go throughout your life, but your BFF is the forever type. You're both navigating adulting now, but there are some things that stay the same between friends in their 20s as they were in their teens.

Your friendship only gets stronger with age. You might have the same squad since high school. And even though you may live in different places now, they will always be your ride or dies. That's why you can count on your friendship with your bestie (or core group of besties) to stay consistent over the years. What bonded you as teens is what makes the distance not a problem at all in your 20s.

My best friends are spread out across the country, but anytime we're back together, it's like we're teens again and laughing nonstop. We've definitely matured and have a great work-life balance in our 20s, but there's no denying that these nine things are still going strong as well. These are basically the main components in a forever kind of friendship, so you know they're not going anywhere.

You Share Your Secrets With Each Other
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There has always been that level of complete trust and comfort in your friendship that allowed you to share your secrets with them. You used to tell your bestie who you were crushing on. Now, you still run to your BFF the minute you get butterflies in your stomach about someone new. As long as there's that trust, you know you can be honest with your bestie and give her the scoop.

You Cheer Each Other On

In high school, your best friend cheered you on at every game and little victory. They also supported your post-high school dreams. To this day, your bestie is still your number one fan, but for job promotions, travel goals, and checking off your bucket list.

You Spend Whatever Free Time You Can With Each Other

As soon as the school bell rang, you looked around for your BFF. You hung out on the regular. Now, even if you live long-distance, you still try to spend as much time as possible with them — FaceTime dates and getaways to see each other, included.

You're Close With Their Family, And Vice Versa

You were so close to your best friend's family in high school that you probably had Sunday dinners with them, and spent so much time at their house (and vice versa). You considered them a second family, and still do today. The love you have for them has only gotten stronger over time.

You Vent To Each Other

You need good friends who are willing to listen when you have a bad day. As a teen, it could have been receiving a bad grade on a pop quiz, or a friend who started drama in your group. Now, you call up your best friend to vent when work is stressful AF and the adulting struggle is real.

You Dish On Relationships

As a teen, you probably spent a good amount of your time talking about who you had a crush on and your dream date for prom. Now, in your 20s, you and your friends dish about dating apps. You may still be looking for your dream date, but this time, it's for Friday night or maybe even to take as your guest to a friend's wedding.

You Talk All The Time

You almost got your phone taken away on the daily for trying to text your bestie in class. You and your friends also probably passed so many notes to each other when teachers weren't looking. Now, you and your best friend still text all the time. You're always updating each other on your lives, and sending funny memes back and forth.

You Have Your Favorite Places To Hang

My friends and I have a few go-to places in our hometown we used to frequent all the time. Those are still our spots when we get together now. No matter where you are in the world, you will always have your favorite places like the local diner or coffee shop in your hometown.

You Love Just Chilling When You're Together

Out of all the fun adventures you and your best friend have been on over the years, you love just chilling at home. The perfect night has always been watching your favorite movie, complete with the best snacks. As long as you're together, you're having the best time.

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