10 Things Best Friends Have In Common That Explain Why You're The Forever Type

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There are a lot of factors that can turn your friend into a best friend. Of course, there has to be a mutual love and understanding, but on top of that, there are things best friends have in common that explain why you're the forever type. All of these similarities add up to your friend becoming the true PB to your J.

It's a journey finding that one person who just gets you and checks off all the boxes. The struggle can be real, and that's why you might only have one true BFF in life. You can't just give that title away to anyone. It's reserved for the person who has all, if not most, of these 10 things in common with you. These are the things that make being a friend with this person so easy. You meet once, and it's like you're instantly bestie soulmates.

I don't know if I believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in BFFs with first click. Once you start talking, you quickly realize that this person is just like you. Sure, you have your own unique hobbies and interests, but at the core, you're basically twins. That's why you know that once you've found that missing puzzle piece kind of friend, you've found a friend for life.

Your Sense Of Humor

You and your best friend are always laughing together, because you share the same sense of humor. You can thank that common sense of humor for why you have a million inside jokes. You even send memes back and forth that you know will make the other person smile. It may not be funny to anyone else, but you and your best friend laugh so hard, you almost always end up crying.

Your Pure Admiration For The Other

You may not be on the same career path, but you and your BFF have the same admiration for each other's goals and dreams. You're basically each other's biggest cheerleaders. You push each other every step of the way to reach for the stars, and it never feels one-sided.

Your Sense Of Adventure
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Your best friend is your partner in crime. You need that same sense of adventure, because you always want to have someone who says "yes" if you ask them to go on a spontaneous trip. They're down for any fun activity you have planned, and vice versa.

All-Around Flexibility
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There has to be a push and pull within any relationship, and you both have to have the same amount of flexibility. You never want to feel like one person is calling all the shots. That flexibility also has to reflect in your schedules. You both have to make time for each other to hang out.

Your Favorite Movies And TV Shows
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You may not watch every single TV show together, but you have your favorites that you can't stop talking about. So whenever you have a Netflix movie night, you're down to watch the same rom-coms or dramas. Those shared interests are probably what started your friendship, anyway.

Your Shared Secrets
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Honesty and trust are two of the most important traits in any type of relationship. Luckily, you have that with your bestie, and it's why you have so many shared secrets. You probably have some of the same hilariously embarrassing stories, because you were together when it happened.

You Like And Dislike The Same People

As besties, you have each other's back. You probably like and dislike whoever your BFF does — no questions asked. If they have a problem with their coworker, you automatically have a problem with them, too. That's just the way it goes.

Your Go-To Hangout Spots On Friday Night

On a Friday night, you can look at your best friend and know exactly what they want to do. That's because it's what you want to do, too. You just get each other, and your go-to hangout spots are the places you share.

Your Appreciation Of Alone Time

As much as you love spending time together, you also both cherish your alone time. You and your best friend have the same need for "me time" where you simply relax or go on solo adventures.

Your Texting Habits

There's nothing more annoying than a friend who doesn't text back. You and your bestie have the same texting habits, so you don't even have to worry about that. If you're both not the best texters, that's totally OK, but you never want to see a one-sided conversation with lots of funny memes and GIFs with zero reactions.

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