Your Best Friends Really Become Your Family When You're Adulting

by Kristin Corpuz

When you finally graduate college, move to a new city, and start building your brand new #adult life on your own, things can get pretty challenging. You're probably learning fast how to really balance your budget for the first time, and you most likely don't have the social safety net that you did when you were still in school. You start to build close relationships and trust with the new friends in your close circle. Although you're not exactly sure how your best friends become family when you're adulting, you know that it definitely happens, and you couldn't be more grateful.

Although you know your parents will always be there for you, your pride might get in the way and you may want to avoid asking them for help and questions about adulting as much as you can. Plus, you might not even live in the same city as them anymore, so it's much easier to turn to your friends if you need something in the short term that they can help out with. From fixing the broken shower head in your apartment to watering your plants when you're out of town, your new close circle of best friends do all of the things that your family normally would.

I've heard people say that everyone has two families: the family you're born into, and the family you choose. Your chosen family of besties is comprised of some of the most amazing people in your life. You know that they would do anything for you, and the feeling is totally mutual.

They Help Fix Broken Things Around Your Apartment
Jelena Jojic Tomic/Stocksy

I don't know what it is about my friend group, but for some reason, everyone seems to be handy at something. The apartment I moved into in L.A. had a few things that needed to be fixed, and my friend group seriously rallied to help.

My boyfriend fixed our squeaky ceiling, a friend fixed the water pressure in our shower, and a few others helped us DIY some of our furniture and decor. It truly took a village to create my new home, and I couldn't be more grateful.

They Drive You To The Airport
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As someone who travels a lot, it can get ridiculously pricey to take a car share ride to and from the airport. Although I don't like calling in this favor often, I know that if I'm in a tight spot financially and really need someone to drive me to or from the airport, I have a few friends I can call.

Something as simple as taking an hour or so out of their day to do you a favor goes a long way, and if you have the opportunity to pay them back in the future, you absolutely will.

They Take Care Of You When You're Feeling Sick
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What are besties for if not to come over with soup, chocolate, tea, Advil, a hug, or all of the above when you're feeling sick or having a stressful day? Your friends definitely know how to make you feel loved when you're a little under the weather — almost just as well as your parents did when you were a kid.

They Check Your Mail And Water Your Plants When You're Out Of Town
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If you are out of town a lot, it's not uncommon to come home to so many things you weren't able to tidy up before you left. I've learned that I can count on my friends to help out a little bit whenever I'm not around.

From watering my plants, to checking my mail, to just making sure my apartment is A-OK, I know that my friends will make sure that I come home to a beautiful space after a long trip.

They Always Make Sure You Get Home Safe

This rule is definitely in the best friend code, but it's worth mentioning again. After a late night, your friends always make sure that you get home safe. That may just be a quick text in your group asking if you're home safe, or someone stopping by with a surprise snack. Either way, your friends will always take care of you.

They're Just A Phone Call Away If You Need Someone To Talk To

Emotional support is one of the main things you need when you're navigating adulting for the first time. Having a close circle of friends around you who can be there to talk things out makes all the difference in the world.

Your friends are great people to bounce ideas off of, or just to vent to if that's what you need. They're your "people," and will come over without you even asking if they sense that you need a friend.