9 Rules Of Girl Code That Are Literally Everything When You're Officially Adulting

by Kristin Corpuz

There are a few unwritten rules that every girl should abide by. Pointing out lipstick on someone's teeth — even if you don't know her — is a given, and you should never say no to the opportunity to take your bestie's newest Instagram pic. Even though these are technically "unofficial" rules, they're ones that every girl should know and hold deeply in her heart, kind of like a set of guidelines that you live your life by. And though every girl might have different rules she wants to include within her own personal guidelines, these are some girl code rules when you're an adult that you absolutely have to be following.

In my opinion, these rules are entirely unbreakable, and violating them is essentially turning your back on womankind. As Gretchen Wieners said in Mean Girls, "That's just like, the rules of feminism!" All joking aside, although these rules aren't mandatory, they're definitely ones you should try to incorporate into your daily life. Girls always have to look out for each other, regardless of whether or not you're close, or if you even know each other.

If you don't include any other rules in your own personal girl code, you should definitely at least start with these nine.

"Ovaries Before Brovaries."

Bless Leslie Knope for gifting us the number one rule of the girl code. Your girlfriends have been and will be there through every single partner who walks in and out of your life, so make sure you respect and treasure your friendships with them.

Your besties shouldn't make you choose between your boo and them, but if they warn you that your crush or SO isn't good for you, you should probably listen to them. They only have your best interests at heart.

Always Let A Girl Know When Her Tag Is Sticking Out

Girls should always help other girls keep an eye out for wardrobe malfunctions. Lettuce stuck between the teeth, tags or bras sticking out, and anything else that might be embarrassing is worth bringing up, even if you don't know the girl. I mean, wouldn't you want someone to do the same for you?

Wait Until Your Girl's Through Her Front Door Before You Drive Away

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but your parents always did this with you and your friends for a reason. Whenever you're dropping a friend off at her place, make sure she gets into her front door before you drive away. And if you're not headed home together, make sure you text each other when you get home. It's a little thing that helps your friend know that you're always looking out for her.

Be The Best Personal Photographer And Hype Woman You Possibly Can

Every girl can use a hype woman, and you should aim to be the best there is. Whenever your gal pals ask you to take their photos, go all out for them. Use another phone as a light, get different angles — whatever you need to do to get their perfect pic. And if you're not the one who's taking the pic, you should be on the sidelines cheering her on and yelling all the "YAS QUEEN!"s that you can.

Help A Girl Out When You Can Tell She Needs A Break From Who She's Talking To

This is another girl code rule that you can use even if you don't know the girl. If you're out and see a girl who looks like she wants nothing to do with the person who's hitting on her, feel free to go over and say, "Hey Stacy! It's been sooo long!" The worst that can happen is that she's actually fine and didn't need your help, but if she did, she'll be really thankful that you stepped in and gave her an easy out from the convo.

Be Her First Line Of Defense When Your Bestie's In A Fight With Someone

You take your girlfriend's side, always. No matter who she's fighting against, you should always be there to back her up. You should help her edit her text messages, hold her hand when she's on a difficult phone call, and be her shoulder to cry on when she's upset. And if she needs you to fight a battle for her, you should be there to save the day.

Give All The Honest Opinions You'd Want From Your BFF When You're Shopping Together

You would never want to buy an expensive piece of clothing if it didn't look good on you, right? When you go shopping with your girlfriends, never be afraid of giving your honest opinions on how things look. They value and trust your opinion, and know that you only want them to look their fiercest.

Be The World's Best Wingwoman

If your girl is crushing on someone, and you think they'd be perfect together, you likely want to do whatever you can to make it happen. You don't have to go all-out Jessica Day, but if you can help bring them together in any way, do it like it's your job.

Any Hour, Day Or Night, Always Be There For Your Girls

This goes without saying, but you should always be there for your girlfriends. You should drop whatever you're doing to help them out in a crisis, because you know that they would do the same for you.