16 Rules Of Girl Code You Still Can't Break In Your 20s

There are rules every girl learns early on in life that she can never break.

You know which ones I'm talking about: Like for example, when you were in middle school and your bestie had a list of the hotties she was hardcore crushing on, you couldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole because that's just what a good friend does.

It comes with the territory… and in return, you expect the same loyalty from her. It's all part of girl code.

The code is just how we girls roll. Abiding by it is a must, no matter what stage of life you're in.

Jovana Rikalo

Some rules of the code are the same, while others have been tweaked a bit.

These are the rules you still can't break in your 20s:

1. Don't hate on the girls you don't know.

You haven't walked in their shoes, so who are you to judge?

2. Don't EVER flirt or go out with your friend's guy.

This is one of the oldest rules in the book, and it will always apply.

3. If anyone is backstabbing a girl – especially if she's a friend – you defend her until the end.

No matter what.

4. Rescue your gal pal from a stage-five clinger or dud at the bar.

She may text you or give you a look from across the bar. Then, it's your job as a good friend to save the day.

5. Let a gal know when she has lipstick on her teeth.

After all, real friends don't let friends walk around with matte pink on their pearly whites.

6. Don't be jealous or envious about another girl's success.

Jovana Rikalo

Focus on your OWN life. If you're not happy with it, then make changes.

7. If juicy gossip arises, make sure you tell the squad.

If someone from high school gets engaged, your gals will be the first to know.

8. Look out for the friend who gets too drunk at the bar.

And get her home safe.

9. Helping out with important outfit decisions is your job.

Give your friend your honest opinion.

10. Don't ever drop the squad for plans with a guy.


11. When part of the squad is suffering, drop everything to be there for them.

They would do the same for you.

12. After you borrow it, bring it back washed.

It's the right thing to do.

13. Help a gal OUT when she has toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

Let her know.

14. Agree with your friend's decisions, and support her because you love her.


Unless she's making a huge mistake.

15. My stash of tampons is your stash of tampons.

The same goes for my stash of gum.

16. If a friend totally despises the way she looks in a picture, delete it.

No matter how good you look in it, you should remove the pic from social media.

No matter the situation, some things never change: Girl code is girl code.