There are hundreds of app icons packs on Etsy.

Etsy Is Full Of Adorable & Unique iOS 14 App Icon Packs, So Here Are The Best Ones

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Have you downloaded iOS 14 but don't want to dedicate hours to figuring out how to customize app icons and widgets? That's where Etsy comes in. The online shopping platform is currently offering hundreds of pre-made packs to majorly up your iPhone's home screen aesthetic with minimum effort on your part — and most of the options are only a few dollars. If you're ready to revamp your home screen with the least amount of time and effort, check out the best iOS 14 app icon packs on Etsy.

Since the release of iOS 14 back in September, users have been hard at work creating their own original designs and templates for others to use. While the process can be pretty lengthy, aesthetically-minded creators have saved you the time of personally redoing your home screen with themed icon and widget packs that you can purchase for just a few dollars on Etsy. Once you've picked the design you want to try out and downloaded it, you will want to follow the regular steps for customizing your home screen by downloading Apple’s Shortcuts app for app icon personalization and the app Widgetsmith, which you can use to makeover your default widgets.

In addition to numerous Harry Potter, Disney, and BTS-inspired designs from their respective fandoms, there are so many stunning icon packs themed around the autumn color scheme, minimalism, trendy colors like rose gold, and neutrals. Here are some of the most popular designs to help get your started.

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These are just a few of the most popular designs currently trending on the shopping platform, so consider typing in certain keywords or searching for a particular design if you want to narrow down your results. Once you've downloaded the app pack of your choice, you might want to check out how-to TikTok videos to see exactly how to link everything with the Shortcuts and Widgetsmith apps.

Keep in mind that by downloading an icon pack off Etsy or another platform with pre-made designs, you could be potentially saving yourself around three to five hours of searching for images and matching color schemes, so the few dollars you spend on any of these Etsy designs are definitely well worth the investment.