Fans are transforming their iOS 14 Home Screens with 'Harry Potter' imagery.

These 'Harry Potter' iOS 14 Home Screens Will Practically Transport You To Hogwarts

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Since Apple launched its highly anticipated iOS 14 update on Wednesday, Sept. 16, users have made no secret of how hyped they are about the aesthetic Home Screen revamp. With options to add and customize widgets and personalize app icons, Harry Potter fans are taking to social media to showcase some Potterhead-approved designs they've created — and the results will virtually transport you to Hogwarts. Check out these magical Harry Potter iOS 14 Home Screen ideas to help inspire your own creation.

Once you've updated your Apple device to iOS 14, you can organize and customize the appearance of your Home Screen by swapping out your default app icons for the images, text, and colors you want, thanks to Apple’s Shortcuts app. Meanwhile, using Apple app Widgetsmith, you also can personalize your default widgets. In addition to the ability to change the size of your widgets, you can swap out the preset icons with static images, colors, and text fonts that you can grab from your iPhone camera roll.

Unsurprisingly, Harry Potter stans spent hours finding the perfect images to swap out for their app icons and widgets, in addition to color-coordinating different screens on their device. Whether you decide to add different pages for a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw theme, or decide to do a more general aesthetic inspired by visuals from the movies, the process for swapping in these visuals and texts are the same.

If you'd rather not spend hours creating your own original design from scratch or you just want a head start on your template, Twitter users are sharing screenshots and videos of their redesigned screens, as well as the images they used to create their designs in the comments threads of their tweets. There are also a number of TikTok creators showing how to make a Harry Potter Home Screen on the app if you want step-by-step instructions. If you don't see the images in the comments section, you can ask in the thread or head to Pinterest for inspiration, as many creators have suggested. Armed with these design mock-ups and images featuring complementary color schemes, it'll be so much easier for you to create your very own iOS 14 Harry Potter Home Screen.

These are just some of the many ideas making the rounds on Twitter, so take inspiration from any details that appeal to you and start working on a template. Just keep in mind that your redesign might take a little longer than expected, so be prepared to set aside a few hours until your "mischief is managed."