12 Best Gifts For Girls, According To Actual Girls


If you found this page by frantically Googling "best gifts for girls" because you're out of ideas for your girlfriend's holiday present, congrats. You're in luck. Take off your coat and stay a while.

No matter how long you've been in a relationship, coming up with a perfectly thoughtful present can be kind of tricky. If you just started dating, you probably don't want to splurge on expensive jewelry or a fancy purse just yet — especially since you're still getting to know each other and learning what kinds of gifts she'd like most. But if you've been together forever, it's tough to top all the other amazing gifts you've gotten her for previous holidays and birthdays. And hey, if you're somewhere in the middle stages and still clueless about what to get, well, take comfort in the fact that you're definitely not alone. Gift giving is hard.

There's no perfect solution out there, particularly because handmade or one-of-a-kind gifts can often mean more than anything purchased from a store. (You know she keeps the very first Spotify playlist you made her on repeat, right?) But the 12 gifts below have been vetted by actual girlfriends, so listen up.

1. A Simple Necklace

— Alexia, 24

2. A Thoughtful Card And Flowers

— Kelsey, 25

3. Sheet Masks

— Haley, 25

4. A Book

— Julia, 19

5. An Ugly Christmas Sweater

— Nicole, 20

6. A Bike

— Emily, 23

7. A Belt (So She Can Stop Stealing His)

— Isabel, 21

8. A Box Set Of DVDs To Watch Together

— Elyssa, 29

9. Lululemon Leggings

— Rose, 24

10. Two Memberships To A Hot Yoga Studio

— Marissa, 26

11. BB Cream

— Kitty, 24

12. A Nice Watch

— Catie, 27

Good luck shopping — you got this.

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