11 Silly, Ridiculous Things You'd Only Want Your Person To Know About You

Some of us are beyond blessed to have that one very special person in our lives who we can be our total selves around. You know exactly what I'm talking about — when you're home alone belting out your favorite songs and dancing like no one is watching. Your friends may very well know you, but your person — aka your best friend and other half — knows the whole you. Your family may not even know the truest you, because there are just some silly, weird things your person knows about you that you wouldn't want anyone else to. These are the embarrassing secrets or funny stories you keep locked away, and only your person has the key.

Some of these things aren't even things you have to tell your BFF. They just know it, because they know you better than anyone else. I mean, they are your other half, and you want a bestie who truly knows the real you. They love absolutely everything about you, and are proud to be your best friend. The same goes for them.

You probably know these 11 things about your person as well. You both are weirdos in the best possible way, and that's how you know you've truly met your perfect match.

What Your Room Looks Like When You Don't Have Guests Over

Everyone knows your bedroom has two states it can be in — the state when you know you have guests coming over, and the state when you're just living in it. Your best friend knows what your room looks like when you haven't cleaned it up for other people to see. You have no shame knowing she knows how you naturally live.

How Long It's Been Since You've Washed Your Hair

We're told we shouldn't wash our hair everyday, so dry shampoo has become our best friend. Sometimes, we get too lazy defaulting to do the dry shampoo, and we go a whole week without washing it. You can pull off the glam look for everyone else, but you let your BFF know how long it's truly been since you've showered.

All Of Your Embarrassing Crush Stories

You tell your person about all of those crushes you would never want the world to know about... like, ever. For some reason, you are crushing hard, and you need to clue in your BFF. The heart wants what it wants. You know your BFF won't ever judge that.

Your Irrational Fears

You may have some phobia where you hate bananas. Or maybe, you're afraid of dogs but don't want to seem uncool when hanging out with your friends at the dog park.

Your BFF knows all of those fears you might not want to own up to, and she can help you out without you asking. She'll change your batteries for you, and act as a barrier between you and the dogs.

Your First AIM Screen Name

You have the AIM screen name you tell people about, and then you have the first AIM screen name you ever had that's embarrassing AF. Your BFF knows that one. To everyone else, you're xxcoolkid, but to your best friend, you are iluvmichaelp333 named after your high school crush, Michael Phelps.

How Furry Your Legs Are In The Winter

In the winter, we're wearing lots of layers, so there's really no need to shave our legs if we don't feel like it. No one has to know how hairy you're getting, but your BFF most likely knows the lowdown.

All Of The Details About Your Current Stomach Issue

It could be sharing horror stories of your current menstruation cycle, or the aftermath of the food poisoning you got from the sushi you ate last night. Whatever it is, you share the details with your BFF like she is your doctor. You need to vent to someone about your medical woes, and you know she's always there to listen.

When You Lied About Missing A Party

You told everyone else you got tied up at another event, but what really happened is you spent the night watching movies with your cat and went to bed at eight. You might not want everyone to know you'd rather be alone singing along to a movie musical while dancing instead of dancing at the club. The only person who knows you're lying is your BFF, and she would never rat you out.

That Time You Were Definitely Wrong In An Argument

Let's face it, sometimes when we get into arguments we're wrong. It could be about something as stupid as who the actor was in the movie you were talking about. You said it was Tom Hanks, but someone else was saying it was Tim Allen. After an IMDB check when you get home, you realized you were wrong. OOPS.

The right thing to do would be to own up to it, but you're too proud, so you act like you don't remember the argument at all. Your best friend remembers, and you can count on her to have your back.

The Last Time You Really Cried

Your best friend knows the last time you really cried was when your favorite *NSYNC song came on your Spotify playlist because you got so excited. She knows how emotional you can really get.

Your Facebook Password

It's the embarrassing password you came up with in high school and still use. You know they won't judge you for it. Plus, you want your best friend to know your Facebook password in case a dire crisis of untagging should occur.