8 Things Your Best Friend Should Know About You If She's Actually "Your Person"

Forget Prince Charming — your best friend is truly your other half. You both have shared so much with each other by spending every waking moment you can get together, gossiping about everything you love and love to hate. That pretty much makes your BFF an expert on the subject of you, and just like in school, you can test your best friend's knowledge with a simple pop quiz. Because after all, there are just some things your best friend should know about you. If she fails, that could very well mean she's not really "your person."

Being "your person" is taking the title of best friendship up a notch. It's basically like leveling up in a video game. "Your person" is the missing puzzle piece you were born without, and thank goodness you have finally found her so you can be whole again. In Grey's Anatomy, Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey are each other's "person." They are there through everything dramatic thing that happens at Seattle Grace, and they know exactly when a random dance-it-out moment needs to happen.

Your BFF should be "your person" to you, but in order to do that, she needs to be able to answer these eight crucial questions. The answers shouldn't be too hard for "your person" to figure out. After all, there really is only one last piece to a puzzle that fits just right... and she's just that.

What's Her Biggest Pet Peeve?

"Your person" should know exactly what pisses you off to no end. It could be chewing gum loudly or wearing flip flops in the winter.

Your bestie avoids ever doing your top pet peeve, and knows when to send you a knowing look when someone else does it to you. She is there to calm you down when you're about to roll your eyes and freak TFO.

How Does She Feel About Her Family?
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Your best friend knows just how close you are with your family, because she is basically family to you. She considers your family her own, and is pretty much at your house on the regular for home-cooked meals.

"Your person" always shows a genuine interest when asking about your family, and she keeps up with all the 411 you tell her. You think of hers in the same light as well.

What's Her Romantic Type?
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Your BFF assumes the role of ultimate wing-woman. She should be able to walk into a bar and pick out the one person you would go for, because she knows every single one of your celebrity crushes and scoop about your past relationships. She's an expert on your love life having listened to you vent about it, and is able to find you your dream date in a matter of minutes.

What Is Her Ultimate Dream Job?

You may not be exactly where you want to be in your career just yet, but your BFF knows you're working hard to get there. She is your biggest cheerleader. You both know where the finish line is, and "your person" has her eyes on the prize just as much as you do.

What Is Her Happy Place?

When you're heartbroken or just having a crappy day, "your person" is able to turn that frown upside down. It could be a certain movie, food, destination, or just dancing around the room to whatever song is on the radio. Your BFF knows what to do to bring you out of your funk, and into your ultimate happy place.

What Is Her Drink Of Choice?

Just like Meredith and Cristina had tequila, you and "your person" have a drink you know will make all things better. It doesn't even have to be alcoholic. You and your bestie could feel better just by grabbing some chocolate milkshakes at a local diner. Whatever it is, she knows exactly what to order when you need a pick-me-up.

What Is Her Dream Travel Destination?
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She knows exactly where your dream destination is, because you both have talked about going there together. Even if it's not exactly on her bucket list to vacation there, she wants to make it happen so she can share this experience with her bestie. She wants this to play out IRL, just as much as you want to go.

What Does She Value Most In A Friendship?

You know exactly what you BFF values most in friendship, and you expect her to know the same about you. They can be things like a good sense of humor, loyalty, and honesty.

"Your person" should be an expert on this topic, because she possesses these qualities. That is why you've chosen her as your bestie. She knows to never let those qualities slip away.