11 Pool Floats Under $20 That You’ll Want To Buy Immediately

If you haven't already received the memo, this is the summer of cute AF inflatables, and taking adorable pool selfies with them. I don't need any extra excuse to spend my days relaxing by the pool, but an Instagram-worthy floaty to chill with sure does help. The only problem with dishing out cash on this summertime essential is you may already be saving up for a big trip. Don't fret, because if you're longing to get your hands on a sweet inflatable this season, there are some pool floats under $20 you'll want to add to your shopping cart immediately.

The summer is all about being carefree, and you don't want to be worried about missing out on all of the fun because you're broke AF. Luckily, we're living in a time where there's literally a pool float for just about every budget. Out of these 11 inflatables, you're sure to find one that you absolutely love, and the best part is they're all super cheap. There are floats for major foodies and animal lovers. You're sure to find something that floats your boat, and will look great on the 'Gram as you're sitting with a drink in hand and soaking up that summer sun.

1You Doughnut Want To Miss Out On This Pool Float

BigMouth Inc Gigantic Donut Pool Float


I believe doughnuts should always be invited to the party. Therefore, this pool float is definitely welcome to any summer outing I have planned. The bright pink colors of this inflatable will bring some much-needed color to your summer Insta aesthetic. Caption your pool selfie with, "Doughnut worry, be happy," for a totally sweet post.

2This Bagel Float Has Everything You Could Ever Want

Swimline 48-Inch Inflatable Everything Bagel Pool Float

VM Innovations

This everything bagel pool float really does have everything. You'll be feelin' toasty while you're soaking up the sunshine in the pool. For your Insta pic, use the bagel side to show off the detail of the float's design, or the white cream cheese side if you want your vibrant bikini to take center stage.

3Orange You Glad Summer's Here?

Intex Giant Inflatable 70-Inch Orange Slit Mat Float

VM Innovations

Hanging with your friends poolside is the perfect little slice of summer paradise. Whip up citrus drinks for you all of you to sip as you're floating in the pool. With this orange slice inflatable, you can't go wrong with a punny Instagram caption like, "Orange you glad it's summer?"

4Be A Smart Cookie And Save Some Money With This Float

Swimline Cookie Float

VM Innovations

The Cookie Monster and I are like long-lost twins, because we both can't contain ourselves when we see a cookie. I just have to eat it, and looking at this float, I'm craving some delicious chocolate chip sweetness as we speak. Make everyone's stomachs growl whenever you show up to the party with this cookie pool float in hand.

5It's Hard Knot To Love This Pretzel Float

Swimline 60-Inch Giant Inflatable Pretzel Float

VM Innovations

If you're heading to the beach this summer, the ocean water and summer breeze don't have to be the only things that are salty. Bring this pretzel float along with you, so you can gently ride the waves in between building sandcastles and playing frisbee with your friends. Let everyone know to knot get it twisted — you're just soaking up some much-kneaded sunshine.

6Don't Worry, Beer Happy With This Summer Float

Corona Beer Bottle Inflatable Pool Float Mat (2-Pack)

VM Innovations

If your idea of the ultimate summer day is drinking a cold beer (if you're 21 and up), then this is the float for you. Grab a Corona and float on this beer bottle inflatable. With the money you're saving on this cheap float, get yourself an inflatable drink holder as well. That way, you're not too far away from your refreshment.

7The Only Things Calling This Phone Are The Ocean Waves

Swimline Smart Phone Float

VM Innovations

When you're enjoying the summer, you have to put down your phone to really soak up the moment. Unless of course, your pool float is in the shape of a smart phone. Then, you'll need to break out your phone to snap a quick pic of you floating on this phone just for the 'Gram.

8This Pool Float Will Steal A Pizza Your Heart

Intex Inflatable Pizza Slice Mat

VM Innovations

Who doesn't love pizza? There's no doubt everyone will be super jealous when you show up to the pool party with this float. Just imagine relaxing in the pool with a slice of your favorite pizza in hand. That really does sound like a dream come true.

9You'll Look Magical Floating On This Unicorn Inflatable

U.S. Pool Supply Giant 5 Foot Inflatable Rainbow Pegasus Pool Ring Tube Float


You were mer-made for the water, so bring along another magical creature like this unicorn float. Just like a unicorn, you sparkle wherever you go, so you two are truly the perfect pair. Plus, you'll have every color of the rainbow present, so your float will always match your swimsuit.

10You'll Be One Fine-Apple On This Pool Float

Greenco Giant Inflatable Pineapple Pool Lounger Float Over 6 Feet Long


"Tropic like it's hot" with this pineapple float. Not only does this pineapple perfectly coordinate with the carefree vibes of the season, but you'll stand out floating on such a vibrant inflatable. You'll be saying, "A pineapple a day, keeps your worries away."

11Toucan't Miss Out On This Adorable Float

U.S. Pool Supply Giant 4 Foot Inflatable Black Toucan Pool Ring Tube Float


The swan float was the OG pool inflatable everyone fell in love with, but this summer, you really need a tropical bird like a toucan. If you and bae each get one of these bird floats, you can caption your pics, "Toucan play that game."