11 Pool Floats Under $20 That You’ll Want To Buy Immediately

If you haven't already received the memo, this is the summer of cute AF inflatables, and taking adorable pool selfies with them. I don't need any extra excuse to spend my days relaxing by the pool, but an Instagram-worthy floaty to chill with sure does help. The only problem with dishing out cash on this summertime essential is you may already be saving up for a big trip. Don't fret, because if you're longing to get your hands on a sweet inflatable this season, there are some pool floats under $20 you'll want to add to your shopping cart immediately.

The summer is all about being carefree, and you don't want to be worried about missing out on all of the fun because you're broke AF. Luckily, we're living in a time where there's literally a pool float for just about every budget. Out of these 11 inflatables, you're sure to find one that you absolutely love, and the best part is they're all super cheap. There are floats for major foodies and animal lovers. You're sure to find something that floats your boat, and will look great on the 'Gram as you're sitting with a drink in hand and soaking up that summer sun.

You Doughnut Want To Miss Out On This Pool Float