11 Stunning City Wedding Photos, Because Skyscrapers & Cabs Make The Best Backdrops

What’s even better than a beautiful wedding photo? A beautiful city wedding photo, obviously. I can’t lie, my heart skips a beat just looking at a majestic skyline with an adorable and happy couple at the center. Those bright lights! Those skyscrapers! I’ve always been a city girl, and there’s something about the sight of taxi cabs and window displays that makes me feel super cheesy and romantic. I mean, can you get any more iconic than a downtown view of a bustling metropolitan city? Add in the flowers and some chic wedding fashion and I just can’t get enough.

When you think of traditional weddings, your mind might go straight to rustic churches or quiet scenes in nature. But as these photos prove, getting married in a city might just be the best way to go — it’s the center of all the action! Your guests will obviously love the fun destination, and the breathtaking views from a rooftop or balcony make a gorgeous backdrop for photoshoots. You practically don’t need any fancy decor when the location is this awe-inspiring. So go ahead, take in these photos and try not to get all emotional and giddy. I dare you.

Downtown Dreams
brittamariephoto on Instagram

Chicago is known for its architecture, which is on full display in this shot taken at the Wrigley Building downtown. The wedding party colors almost match the backdrop, which keeps the focus on the couple and that glorious bridal bouquet.

Blues and Grays
lostinlove_photography on Instagram

OK, so it’s obvious here that her dress is gorgeous (and all we can see is the back!), but also, check out those skyscrapers in front of that gray-blue sky! I’m feeling senti just looking at it.

Fairytale Views
damienmilan_photographer on Instagram

European cities will always be totally obsession-worthy because of those stunning historic buildings. And this shot honestly looks like such a feat to pull off, complete with the wind blowing her veil. BRB, booking a trip to Edinburgh this instant.

Pop of Color on Instagram

Three words: pink smoke bombs. How unique does this shot look with the NYC skyline in the background? Those flowers, that dress, and the graffiti on the rooftop add such a boho, cool-girl vibe. This is pure art, people! I’m obsessed!

A Touch of Class
robincophotography on Instagram

I can’t decide my favorite part of this wedding shoot — that rug, the Jimmy Choo heels, or the detail on the top half of her gown. Also, I’m loving that this is indoors because it makes the wedding perfect for all weather conditions, without sacrificing those Seattle ocean views.

Vintage Vibes
meganjo_ on Instagram

Another Washington wedding complete with the most perfect hair accessory ever… can you say #goals?! This Union Station backdrop in Tacoma gives the photo a rustic, almost old-fashioned feel, and that veil adds a 20s vintage flapper spin.

Rainy Wonderland
5inead on Instagram

They say rain sometimes makes weddings even more beautiful, and when you combine it with city streets and evening lights, it’s super romantic. This couple made their umbrellas into a stylish addition to their outfits, and they look just as posh as ever making their way down the street.

Under the Mistletoe
anneleephotography on Instagram

Holiday decor AND wedded bliss? I don’t think it gets any better. First of all, her fur stole is everything, and second, those wreaths in the background add the perfect pop of color. Boston in December might be chilly, but this photo could warm the coldest of hearts.

Golden Glow
jahnilynnphoto on Instagram

This dress is so classy and matches the clean, strong lines in the background. That golden hour light also lends its own special kind of magic, and the way it reflects off the street and buildings gives the couple a natural glow.

Concrete Paradise
boygirlbeautyworld on Instagram

This bride is tearing up and so am I — look at that foggy skyline and those fall colors! Chicago knows what’s up when it comes to magnificent views. Here’s hoping they also held their ceremony on this rooftop because it’s practically what dreams are made of.

Sunset Romance
villabelmara on Instagram

Yes, this photo is for real and Toronto is perfect. The beam of sunshine almost makes it look too good to be true. The way this couple is looking at each other has me feeling all the feels, and the soft gray color of the water and sky keeps the focus on that knockout gown.

If you're not convinced by now that a city wedding is the way to go, I can't help you any further. Seriously though, these photos serve as inspo not only for wedding views, but also for vacation destinations! I'm daydreaming about skyscrapers and nightlife and a glorious rooftop view. These are the things truly worth swooning about.