11 People Reveal Their Deepest Fears About Dating & Relationships, & Ugh, Same

by Brittney Morgan

When it comes to falling in love, it's almost impossible to get there without taking some risks. With the potential for great love and happiness also comes the potential for disappointment, frustration, and unfortunately, heartbreak — no risk, no reward. Reason being, you have to invest your time, trust, and emotions into a relationship for it to have any chance of working out. Otherwise you're not really leaving yourself open to real love. But that means that sometimes dating is scary, which is why it's so painfully relatable when people reveal their deepest dating fears, even if you don't share the same worries.

The good thing is, if falling in love and the risks that come along with it scare you, you're absolutely not alone. Everyone — whether they're totally single or happily married — has something they're afraid of, from being cheated on to losing their partner in some way. For me, that fear is that the next person I fall in love with will change their mind about me all of a sudden, because it has happened to me in past relationships. For others, it might be something like a fear of commitment or reminding a partner of their ex. Here are 11 other all-too-real dating fears that people have shared on reddit.

Falling Too Fast
That I'd fall too hard too fast and get hurt. It's happened before and caused me to go through some dark times. Not something I'd want to experience again.


The Risk Of Getting Hurt
the potential heartbreak.
I've lost the hope that relationships can last forever and it's almost as if I wait for things to fall apart any time I'm involved with somebody. I don't wanna go through it again.


Feeling Stuck In A Marriage
Feeling trapped. Someone once said being married is like being grounded, that would be a nightmare of a marriage.


How A Divorce Could Affect The Kids
Having a kid with someone I really hate, I think it would suck for my kid (if I had one) to decide if he/she wants to stay at his moms house or his dads for certain holidays and occasions


The Idea That Nothing's Guaranteed
that there are never any guarantees--that feelings won't change, that you won't become overly attached to this person, that it will last. it's always a risk and that shit's terrifying


Being In A Relationship Out Of Luck
The only reason that she is with me is probably due to pure luck, chance and circumstance. All it takes is the correct combination of words and actions which could have easily been executed by anyone else.


Being Cheated On, And Having That Change Them
Dating someone unfaithful or doesn't love me.
I'm extremely loyal, honest, caring, thoughtful. So I'm nervous someone will hurt me so bad that will change. I try not to though.


That They Might Lose Their Partner Someday
That something will happen to me and she will be devasted by losing me. And vice versa.


Dating Someone Who Isn't Over Their Ex
That they'll never be over the last one by the time I come about. Or worse, reminding them of the previous one.


That They'll Become Afraid Of Commitment
I'm afraid that when I finally find someone I want to commit to who also wants to commit to me, I'll realize I'm terrified of commitment and run.


Watching Their Partner Fall Out Of Love With Them
Watching the person I'm madly in love with spend years gradually falling out of love with me. I can't go through that again.


I know letting people in and letting yourself fall in love is scary, but take it from someone who is currently in the throes of recovering from some pretty devastating heartbreak: Don't let your fear close you off from future happiness.

As much as it sucks (it really, really sucks) to put your heart into a relationship and get hurt, finding someone you're compatible with makes it all worth it. It's OK to be afraid — just make sure you leave room for at least a little hope, too.

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