11 Memes To Text Your Friends When You're All So, So Single

by Christy Piña

While not everyone thrives in the single life (and that's OK!), it's easy to forget that being single is a great opportunity to pack on a whole lot of self-love, and spend your days bonding with friends and laughing at funny memes that make you say, "Same." It's not always easy to remember that you don't need anyone but your bad self, but a few friends who know how you feel can be great reminders that you're totally killing it. When you and your pals are living the single life, these hilarious memes about being single to text your friends can be sweet reminders for all of you that just because you're not in a relationship, doesn't mean you're alone.

Remember: A desire for a relationship does not mean that you aren't satisfied or content with your current dating situation. "It is always important to feel that you are all you need — but you do not have to be all that you want," Kali Rogers, founder of Blush Online Life Coaching, previously told Elite Daily "It is completely natural for most human beings to want to be in a relationship. That's what we have been doing for thousands of years, so that urge within you to be coupled up probably won't go away anytime soon — nor should it." But being single shouldn't have any effect on your self-worth, she added. "Feeling like you aren't complete, or like you aren't enough just because you're single is a problem. You will always need full confidence that you by yourself are enough."

You are enough, with or without a partner. Never forget that. But if you start to feel a little sad about being single, use these 11 super relatable memes to remind you that you're not alone, ever, and that you're a total catch.

When third-wheeling gets dangerous.

LOL, never fails. Third-wheeling isn't always a miserable experience, especially if the couple you're with is conscious that there's another person there. But when they start arguing, things can go from 0-100 real quick, and your single friends know that better than anyone.


Some people just can't take a hint.


Literally. My suitcase from three months ago is still sitting on the floor of my bedroom, thank you very much. Like, hi, please teach me how to get my life together by noon tomorrow.

Hi, cool aunt Lisa here, how can I help you?

NGL, this sounds like the life.

Nope. Can't have that. Sorry. Gotta go.

Honestly, if you and your single friends have never felt yourself begin to self-destruct when you meet someone new, I have on question for you: How?

Thanks, I guess?

*Cue nervous laughter.*

It's not OK. It's never OK.

Seriously, why? If you weren't interested from the very beginning, what even was the point, Karen? There go two months I'll never get back.


Not not guilty.


If the wine isn't coming from a bag that I have to slap once I finish, I'm not interested.

What are these things?

IDK what this warm, gooey feeling is that's making its way through my body, but it's freaking me out!

I'm fine. It's fine.

So flattered, really. Thank you, you're just the sweetest, aren't you?

Make the most of being single, and if you're longing for a relationship, trust that it will come along when it's meant to. For now, do you, embrace it, and remember that you're always more than enough!