10 Memes To Send Your Single Friends On V-Day, Because You're All In This Together

by Cosmo Luce

The best part of being single on Valentine's Day? It's an opportunity to show yourself and those around you a ton of love that would otherwise be poured into a significant other. Boring! The whole universe is your significant other, and the best way to tap into this collective subconsciousness is through the medium of the meme. You might not be with your single pals on Feb. 14, but having some quality memes to send on Valentine’s Day lets them know that you are thinking about them. Because when it comes to matters of the heart, friends are the water that keep our cups full.

No matter whether your friend circle is comprised of curmudgeons who cringe at the sight of Cupid's bow, singles who are planning on spending Valentine's eve eating an entire heart-shaped pizza by themselves, or carefree heartbreakers who couldn't care less about roses being red or violets being blue, it's sure to be 100 percent made up of people who love memes. Because memes, as I have said repeatedly, are this generation's equivalent of poetry — pure expressions of feeling contained in just a few gigabytes on the internet. We might not spend that much time with them, but they leave a lasting impression on our hearts. And you can be certain that for every friend, there's a Valentine's meme:

1. For Friend Willing To Try Anything

Who says you need to have a date to enjoy Valentine's Day? Either one of these heart shaped boxes contain way more medicinal value than either chocolate cake or champagne. Plus, you can really only clean and activate your chakras through mindful meditation alone.

2. For The Friend Who Doesn't Want To Be Single

WikiHow is such a treasure trove of information. It makes me wonder why I bothered taking on that student loan debt. With groundbreaking articles like "How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Wear A Thong," it really could have taught me everything that I needed to know. Plus, endless meme material.

3. For When They Send A Meme Back

Everybody loves that burst of excitement they get when they get a fresh notification on their phone. And everyone hates that sinking feeling when they were only getting notified of a new credit card statement in their email inbox. Friends don't let that happen to friends on Valentine's Day.

4. For The Anxious One

Valentine's Day 2018 is all about kicking your anxiety about being loveless for the rest of your life to the curb, with the help of some memes from your friends.

5. For The Needy One

I like compliments that are just stating facts about a person. Appearances are overrated, anyway.

6. For The Liz Lemon

Honestly, any Liz Lemon meme is excellent content for Valentine's Day. There's one fictional character who really got the awkwardness and agony of being single — and the hilarity.

7. For The Sad One

My "sleep paralysis demons" are also known as "any one of my exes from the last five years," and I really hope that someone sends me this one on Valentine's Day to stop me from sending those regrettable texts.

8. For Your Bestie

Great Valentine's Day idea for single people: Organize a sleepover with all of your best friends in a ginormous cuddle puddle, just like you did when you were a kid. It's never too late to never grow up, and it will stop you from any potential feelings of loneliness.

9. For The Weird One

I don't know what this is about, but I think I like it.

10. For The Cute One

This little creature is way cuter than most of the guys I see on dating apps, and I would let him take me out on a date any time.

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