"Two truths and a lie" is a classic Bumble opener for a reason.

11 "Goodnight" Texts To Send Your Partner, So They Dream Of You


Though you and your boo may love nothing more than snuggling together all night long, you can't always fall asleep next to the person you love. Whether you live far apart, have different schedules, or just need a night to yourself, sending a sappy message to your sweetie can be the next best thing to literally being with them. In fact, these dreamy "goodnight" texts to send your partner are sure to keep you both warm all night long.

No matter how long you've been seeing someone, sending them off to sleep with a heartfelt message can make them feel totally cared for. Whether you pen them an entire sonnet (in iambic pentameter) or just drop, "sweet dream," texting your boo before bed can let them know that you're thinking about them, even when you're not literally together. Of course, every relationship is different. While some couples may like to text all day and night, others may go a few days without exchanging messages. When it comes to your relationship, you get to do what's right for you, every step of the way.

And if checking in before bed feels right for you, here are 11 sweet texts to send to your sweetie.

"You'll be my rise and shine, soon as the stars align"

OK, Ariana Grande's "NASA" is literally the anthem for, "I love you endlessly, but I need a night by myself, so I can sleep like a starfish and use all the blankets." IMHO, you could send any of the lyrics from this song or even just a link to the song. But telling you're boo they'll be your rise and shine when you see them in the morning can be super thoughtful.

"If you were here right now, we'd be watching Youtube and fighting about how many pillows we each get. Miss you."

Or maybe you're feeling saucy, and you go into vivid detail about the sexy stuff you'd be doing if you were together. Whether you like to talk all night until the sun comes up or you playfully argue about who's being what spoon, telling your flame what you would be doing if you were together can be a sweet sendoff into the night.

"I'm falling asleep just thinking about how amazing you are and how lucky I am to have you in my life."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Gratitude is sexy. Tell your boo you're thankful for all that they do. Remind them of what you love about them. Recall a favorite memory or express something that you're looking forward to doing. Whatever happy thoughts come up with before you shut your eyes, let you boo know you're thinking about them.

"You mean so much to me, and I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

If you and your boo are long-distance, you may not get to see each other every day. Heck, even if you live together, it's easy to get swamped with work or school. Before bed, express to your partner how much they mean to you, and let them know that you're already thinking about when you get to see them again.

"I'm about to floss and cover my entire body in jojoba oil, but I just wanted to say I love you and goodnight."

Your boo may already know the ins and outs of your night routine. Still, telling them what you're doing or even making a little joke about your schedule can be a super sweet way to say goodnight.

"Hope you had the best day, can't wait to hear about it! *Insert kissy emoji*"

Sometimes, the day just gets away from you. Before you know it, it's bedtime. You didn't get to talk to your boo all day. If you realize you didn't really check-in, or you know they had a big meeting or event, ask about how everything went. If you're practically falling asleep as you type out this text, tell them that you hope they had an amazing day, and you can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow.

"I'm sleeping in the shirt you left at my place last week. It smells like you."

Maybe you tell your boo you're listening to that song they sent you before bed, or maybe you mention that you just re-read all your old texts. Telling your partner that you're doing something before bed that reminds you of them can be a sentimental way to say goodnight.

"Did you see the moon tonight? It was amazing."

I'll say it: It's a little cheesy, but just what the doctor ordered. If you're looking at the stars or night sky and thinking about your love, sending a sweet celestial text can be really meaningful. Whether you send a literal picture of the skyline or inquire about the moon, remind your boo that they're the star in your sky.

"I need to go to sleep. But I love you and I will text when I wake up."

If you're an early bird and your boo is a night owl, you may keep different hours. Whether they're trying to get into a long conversation and you're literally already snoring, or you know you have an early morning ahead of you, letting them know that you'll text them when you wake up can make them feel super cared for.

"Sleep well, babe! Talk in the morning."

Short and sweet can be nice. Whether you literally see your partner every day or you're not super sappy, wishing them sweet dreams is a totally classic (and still thoughtful!) way to say goodnight.

Checking in with your sweetie before bed can be a really special part of your day. From asking about their day to commenting on the stars, a text before bed can let your boo know you're thinking about them. No matter what you say, a loving "goodnight" text is sure to send your partner some sweet dreams.