11 Gifts For The Friend Who Loves 'Gilmore Girls'

If you have a friend who just so happens to live by the motto of "where you lead, I will follow," then you know that a Gilmore Girls-inspired gift for Christmas will be the ultimate present you can give her. Bring the town of Stars Hollow to your bestie this season by taking inspo from any of these awesome gifts for the friend who loves Gilmore Girls. You want to give her something that will totally make her scream, "Oy with the poodles already," when she opens it, and these are sure to do exactly that.

Since you can't travel to Kim's Antiques for something thoughtful, we've assembled some of the best ideas for you to peruse on your own. And the best part about it is you won't have to worry about Mrs. Kim eyeballing you over your shoulder.

Just like deciding between Jess, Dean, and Logan is difficult, picking out the right gift for your bestie can be a stressful task. We're hoping this list of 11 Gilmore Girls gifts will make everything easier. Plus, we all know there's really only one correct answer to both of those question. *Jess forever* So, grab your favorite cup of coffee, and get to shopping. Let your bestie know she is the Rory to your Lorelai, and you know exactly what gift to get her this year.

1. A Luke's Diner Mug


Original Luke's Diner Mug, $14, Etsy

Every Gilmore Girls fan needs their very own Luke's Diner mug. I mean, what else would they drink their endless cups of coffee out of? There are also so many wonderful colors to choose from. I kind of want to collect them all.

2. These Adorable 'Gilmore Girls' Ornaments


Gilmore Girls Inspired Ornaments, $7+, Etsy

These ornaments are super cute, and a perfect holiday gift for your bestie to add to her Christmas tree. They come in four wonderful references from the show that any true fan will understand. You can buy her one, or all four in a pack.

3. Several 'Gilmore Girls' Spoons


Gilmore Girls Woodburned Spoons, $7+, Etsy

These spoons are perfect if you have your very own Sookie to your Lorelai. For the friend who loves to cook, these super unique wooden spoons are the way to go. Hopefully, she'll be so thankful for this gift that you score first taste of whatever treat she makes with them.

4. This Luke's Diner Candle


Luke's Diner Candle, $12, Etsy

A Luke's Diner candle that smells like coffee? I'm honestly thinking about getting one of these for myself.

You can just imagine what Luke's Diner smells like when you light one of these 100 percent soy candles. They even come with little wax coffee beans on top, which are so cute.

5. An Essential Travel Mug


The Original, "I Drink Coffee Like A Gilmore Girl" ToGo Travel Mug, $22, Etsy

Drinking like a Gilmore takes skill. That means your friend is constantly drinking a cup of Joe, so she definitely needs a mug she can take with her. That's where this cute travel mug comes in handy.

6. A Luke's Diner Hat


Luke's Diner Gilmore Girls Hat, $14, Etsy

Your bestie who has a soft spot for our main guy Luke will absolutely love a baseball cap she can wear, just like him. All she needs now to complete the look is a flannel shirt. It's the unofficial Luke's Diner uniform, even if he won't admit it.

7. Stars Hollow Wall Art


Gilmore Girls (Stars Hollow) Wall Art, $15+, Etsy

This print will look great hanging up in your friend's apartment if she's always dreaming of visiting Stars Hollow. It's also a great gift if your bestie is looking to decorate her new pad. It has everything we love about our favorite fictional town, like Luke's Diner and the iconic gazebo.

8. A Doose's Market Tote


Doose's Market Tote, $12+, Etsy

This is a practical gift for your friend to use when she goes grocery shopping. She can pretend like she's shopping at Doose's Market with Dean at the checkout counter, and Taylor nearby. Who knows, maybe she'll end up kissing her crush in one of the aisles, just like Rory's first kiss.

9. Quote Wall Art


'I Love You, You Idiot' Gilmore Girls Quote, $20, Etsy

Here's another option for some cute wall art you can get for your friend. Any devoted fan remembers when Rory finally confessed her love for Dean, and they got back together. It was a perfect moment, and you want to have it forever on your wall. Plus, you want to remind your friend that you love her, too.

10. A Pair Of Luke Earrings


Luke Gilmore Girls Stud Earrings, $9, Etsy

These earrings are super dreamy. They are perfect if your friend is a huge Luke lover. Who isn't?

I'm sure Luke will look great with any outfit your friend wears. I mean, he is a total stud, so this stud earrings are only appropriate.

11. A 'Gilmore Girls' Shirt


Gilmore Girls Shirt, $19, Etsy

Sure, the guys are fun to talk about, but we're here for the girls of Gilmore Girls. Your friend can show her love with this adorable tee. It'll look cute with jeans or tucked into any denim skirt.