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10 Birthday Experiences To Book For The Partner Who's Really Into Astrology

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If you thought your partner's love for reading horoscopes, studying their star sign, and tracking the planets in retrograde was just a phase — think again. Astrology is their passion, and they likely love reading up on the movement of the constellations and the power and significance of a birth chart while riding the subway to work. So it makes perfect sense to book one of these zodiac-inspired birthday experiences for your partner that are straight-up stellar.

It might sound cheesy, but a birthday party like that is written in the stars. It's made for your love, whose face lights up at the sign of another cosmic event in the city or pulls you outside for every full moon. It's the gift they've been hoping to recieve, next to a journal filled with mantras and a pack of tarot cards. Although you might not understand the hype behind astrology, they make decisions based on signs from the universe, and will continue to do so in the next year of their life.

They'll take whatever they learn from their zodiac-inspired birthday to heart and let it motivate them to take leaps into their dreams or cherish every moment. Here are 10 zodiac-inspired experiences you can book to kick things off.

Take A Planetarium Tour
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If your partner is really into astrology, they'll love touring a planetarium. It's a real-life hub for what they're into: planets, stars, and the powers of the universe. It's also where they can learn more about constellations, gaze out of a telescope, and attend a cosmic show.

Go To A Yoga Class

Yoga has a way of connecting you to your innermost self. It allows you to forget about the "real world" and discover what makes you tick. For someone who loves astrology, going to a class and learning how to breathe and manifest their reigning qualities might be a dream come true. Book a private session with a teacher at a local gym, or bring your partner to an open class for their big day.

See A Fortune Teller

Going to a fortune teller with your partner will be an experience they'll love from beginning to end. Just think about it: Your partner loves reading their horoscope in the morning and getting a glimpse into their day, so they'll adore getting a glimpse into their future.

Check Out An Indoor Archery Range

If your partner is a Sagittarius or simply loves channeling their zodiac sign, then checking out an indoor archery range will be a fresh and exciting experience. From the second they pick up the bow, to the moment they shoot the arrow at a multi-colored target, they'll feel on top of the world. Getting to try a new activity on their birthday will also be so lit.

Get A Cosmic Manicure

Birthdays are a time to treat yourself. To some, this may mean getting a massage or booking a facial with a local esthetician. For your partner's special day, it can mean getting a cosmic manicure — complete with constellations and zodiac symbols. It might take a little extra time at the salon, but it'll be #worthit.

Stay At A Luxurious Hotel

This zodiac-inspired birthday idea is for your partner who loves the finer things in life. They'd love to go on a shopping spree every day of the week, or eat at the most lavish restaurants. Book a room at a luxurious hotel for a night that will speak to their star sign. (Room service? Required.)

Take A Pottery Class

If doing something artsy is your partner's jam, they might want to take a pottery class on their birthday. They'll want to whip up a bowl they can use when reading tea leaves, or a vase that can hold items they need for crafts. It'll be the experience and gift that keeps on giving.

Roam Around The Local Zoo

Every zodiac sign has symbol. This is something that encompasses who they are to the core. For instance, a Leo is a lion and a Scorpio is a scorpion. Bring your partner to the zoo so they can see these animals IRL. It may strike a really stellar chord with them.

Shop For A New Journal
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A lot of astrology can be reflecting on the different energies in your life and learning how to embrace them. That requires a quality journal that's filled with mantras or spaces for you to track your thoughts and feelings. Take your partner shopping for a new journal if this is something they have or would like to incorporate into their daily routines.

Go Stargazing At The Beach

A classic and romantic zodiac-inspired birthday experience is to take your partner to the beach for a picnic and stargazing. After snacking on cheese and crackers, or burgers you picked up on the way, let them teach you all about the constellations and what it means to be each zodiac sign. You might find that you have a soft spot for astrology in your heart, too.