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These Astrology Events In NYC This February Are Made For Every Star Sign

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If part of your morning routine is to read your horoscope, then attending an astrology-related event in the city is right up your alley. It'll let you dive deeper into your water, fire, air, or earth sign, or get guidance from the universe on your social life, relationships, or passions. Not to mention, it'll let you do it all with glittering skyscrapers and astrology-loving besties by your side. There are a bunch of astrology events in NYC in February 2020 that you can start with.

Before you start pulling out your planner and jotting a few of these tarot card and palm reading sessions down, riddle me this: What do you love most about your zodiac sign? Is it that being a Sagittarius explains your desire to travel the world on the reg and make everyone in the room laugh? Do you adore being a Leo because it means you're a social butterfly who can strike up a convo with anyone in the room? Truth is, every sign has its strengths, and focusing on and reading into those strengths can reveal a lot about you.

Of course, attending an astrology even in NYC this month can also give you a glimpse into who you are a person, what makes you tick, and what you have to expect from life. Do yourself a favor and leave some room in your busy schedule for these five events.

Astrology + Breathwork With Chris Phipps At The Yoga Collective NYC

In this two-hour long workshop with Chris Phipps, you'll learn to manifest and reveal what can make you happiest in life and go beyond your daily horoscope reading. After exploring your true life's purpose, you'll be guided in a breathwork session where you'll continue to channel the bold and bright spots of your soul.

To get the most out of the entire workshop, email Chris ahead of time with information including your birth place, date, and time. Purchase a ticket for the workshop on Eventbrite for $45 each.

Astrology For Real Relationships At Ace Hotel New York

This year, you can spend your Valentine's Day at Ace Hotel New York taking a deeper glance into your social life and personal connections, courtesy of the stars and a well-known astrologer. Jessica Lanyadoo, an astrologer who recently published a book titled Astrology for Real Relationships, along with writer Alyssa Shelasky, will be hosting a discussion and book signing on Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. Head to the hotel to get some insight on your love stories and enjoy a cocktail. Register in advance by going to Eventbrite.

NYC: Love & Community At Bluestone Lane Bowery Cafe

If you have some free time on Feb. 13 from 7 to 9 p.m., then you should head to Bluestone Lane Bowery Cafe. There, you'll find astrologers Madi Murphy, Colin Bedell, and Jessica Lanyadoo, who will be talking about how reading into your birth chart can assist you in being there for the ones around you.

The event is free for all, but it is suggested that you make a $20 donation at the door. According to the event listing on Jessica Lanyadoo's website, all proceeds from the magical night will be donated to First Nations Communities of Australia. That seems pretty in tone with the event, huh?

Love, Synergy, Exploration With Crabtree & Evelyn At Spaces

Is your SO is as into astrology as you, or do they at least listen to you talk about horoscopes and zodiac signs? If so, there's a synergy couple's class being hosted by Crabtree & Evelyn this month in NYC. Along with exploring intimacy, movement, and all kinds of breathing techniques, you two will be treated to a night of yoga and Thai massage. In addition, you'll experience a relationship-related tarot card reading.

The event, titled "Love, Synergy, Exploration," will be led by Brittney Ryb (@yogawithbrittney on Instagram). It costs $20 per person, and tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite. Just be sure to mark Feb. 11 from 6 to 9 p.m. as "busy" in your calendar, OK?

Mystic Mondays At Caffeine Underground

Astrology can make you think deeper and longer about yourself and every aspect of your life. Enter Mystic Mondays at Caffeine Underground in Bushwick. These events are made for lovers of all things related to astrology, who want to get better at or be a part of tarot readings, reiki, and dream interpretation — among other crafts.

They're hosted every Monday night for free from 6 to 9 p.m., and you can register on Eventbrite in advance. Every star sign is welcome.

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