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10 Wholesome Memes To Text Your Partner That'll Make Them Smile

by Ginny Hogan
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Memes are often the highlight of my day. If I feel like everything is going south, but then I see an adorable meme via text or in my feed, all of a sudden I'm in a much better mood. Memes are one of my favorite things to text friends and lovers, and I like knowing I can brighten someone's day. If you think your partner needs a pick-me-up, or they're already in a good mood but you just want to make them smile, you may want to know the most wholesome memes to text your partner. After all, memes are here to entertain.

I consider myself pretty funny (feel free to not contribute your thoughts on that matter), but I can't always find the most wholesome thing to say to a partner. Sometimes, it's easier for me to crack a joke than to make them say "awww." That's where memes come in for me — if you send someone a picture of a dog that's having a cute thought, they will smile. That's simply a fact, and if you haven't seen it in action, give it a try. The internet is useful for so many things (did you know people used to book flights over the phone? Wild), and memes are just one of them. So, take advantage of all that the internet has to offer, and use some adorable memes to make your partner smile.

Read on to find 10 wholesome memes to text your partner.

A Truly Precious Photo

I also find curry extremely appealing. I can see why the seagull loved it.

A Hidden Pup

I always wonder if animals have sibling rivalries, too. I mean, they're all so cute, there doesn't seem like a point to competing.

Even Better Music

If you thought the Lion King couldn't get any better, just you wait.

Making Disney More Realistic

Any character I see on any TV show leaves me wondering — how are they so chirpy all the time? Except on Gilmore Girls — there, I know exactly how they get their chirp #Lukes4Life.

Too Cute To Function

I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be looking at here, I just know I can't look away.

Summer's In Swing

That's it, I'm getting a floaty. I don't have a pool, but maybe it will attract a dog?


I need that dog's sweatshirt. I've been carrying popcorn around in bags for years, like a gosh-dang noob.

Road Trip

I can't drive either, so I get it.

It's A Serious Mood

It's amazing how even grumpy animals make humans happier. Seriously, this cat makes me smile, and I wish I could do the same for Grumpy.

But It's Peanut Butter

Animals make me smile, but peanut butter makes me smile more.

A Couple's Night In

This is wholesome for you and your partner — why not cuddle up together?

Memes are delightful, and the internet is full of them. If you and your partner love texting each other, why not try sending them some wholesome memes, too? After all, they might have just been reading the news (oh no) or sitting in traffic (yuck), so a meme could be exactly what they need to brighten their day. Happy texting, and happy meme-ing!

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