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10 Virtual Bachelorette Party Games For Good Times With "Team Bride"

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The word around the group chat is that you're throwing a virtual party for your BFF's bachelorette. So far, you've sent out adorable invitations to the guests with a link to the Zoom or FaceTime chat you'll be tuning in to. You've also gathered up packs of confetti, and jotted down some stories about the bride-to-be from when you were kids. Now, you only need some virtual bachelorette party games for good vibes and times with "Team Bride."

Ideally, you'd like to find some games that aren't too cheesy, and won't lead to a lot of questions or confusion. When you've gone to parties in the past, you may have played "Say Yes To The Toilet Paper Dress" and taken a quiz to see how well you know the almost-married couple. But, you want to track down an activity that's new, exciting, and easy for your friends to participate in ~virtually~. You don't want there to be any awkward silences, and for everyone to enjoy themselves and make tons of new mems.

Stop scrolling through Pinterest, OK? The games you're looking for are right here and they're made for you and "Team Bride." Print out any of the #necessary printables, and distribute any rules or guidelines that need to be shared ahead of time. Then, get ready to have the party of your bride-to-be's dreams.

Name That Romantic Comedy
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First up is a game that'll test your bridal crew's knowledge of all things related to The Proposal and Crazy, Stupid, Love. It's called "Name That Romantic Comedy," and requires your crew to listen to quotes you read off from different movies and then match them with the right one. Split into two teams and allow everyone to rack up points to take this game to the next level.

Musical Bouquet

You've played "Musical Chairs," right? Now it's time to play an edition of this game that's made for your BFF's party: "Musical Bouquet." First, have everyone grab a bunch of flowers (or even colored markers) from around their home. Then, come up with a "path" in which the bouquet will travel. Each player will drag the bouquet from the left side of their screen to the right, and that will signal it "traveling" to the next player. Cue some music and see who is still standing at the end.

Never Have I Ever

You can never go wrong with a few rounds of "Never Have I Ever." This game — which requires everyone to put down a finger when they have done something like "download a dating app" or "travel the world" — is basically made for a party like this. Play and let the laughs commence.

A Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts will never go out of style, and can be played throughout your BFF's entire virtual bachelorette party. So, if you're planning on having brunch via a webcam or chatting it up while spending time in the sun, you can casually play this game, too.

Simply distribute a list of things everyone has to hunt for in advance. Then, as people get to know each other and talk, let them check items off such as, "Someone who's been to Disney World a lot" and "Someone who is married."

Would She Rather
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How well do you know the bride-to-be? "Would She Rather" is a great way to find out, and have some fun during your virtual party. This game requires distributing a printable you made or downloaded from Pinterest, and asking everyone to fill it out. Don't forget: Your answers should be based on what the bride would rather pick or do, not you.

Ring Hunt

To play "Ring Hunt," you'll need to set up your video camera and print out little pictures of rings. Then, hide them around your space where your guests can see them, but not super easily. Have everyone look for them and jot down which ones they find. Whoever finds the most, wins.

Post-Proposal Pictionary

Your BFF already said "yes," and soon she'll be saying, "I do." So, play a few founds of "Post-Proposal Pictionary" before her big day. Have your guests draw things like rings, doves, and even a couple's first dance. See who can guess the items right before time is up.

Vino Before Vows

If your bridal crew has a sweet spot for wine, then you'll want to play "Vino Before Vows." This game challenges each member of your group to take a turn naming a type of wine, like Pinot Grigio or cabernet. The game ends when someone can't name one when their turn comes around, and they're out. You can keep playing until there's one winner by selecting new wine-related categories.

Truth Or Dare
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Another classic game you can play is "Truth or Dare." You can challenge "Team Bride" to spill the tea or do something a little ridiculous. If you want to spice up your bachelorette party, it's definitely the game for you.

Pics Or It Didn't Happen

Last but not least, treat "Team Bride" to a few rounds of "Pics or It Didn't Happen." In this game, you have to read a scenario that applies to the bride and her love. Maybe it's a trip they went on or a fun date night they had. Every guest then has to dig through their camera roll and social media to find a pic of that scenario. Whoever finds the pic first and sends it to the group chat, wins.